With Instagram and Facebook becoming the go-to medium to announce engagements, there has been a rising trend in the plastic surgery world. The new procedure for brides isn’t Botox or breast augmentation, rather it’s “hand rejuvenation”. Has the hand itself become more popular than the ring? Before posting their rings on every social media outlet, brides-to-be are heading to the plastic surgeon )instead of the manicurist) to get the perfect ring and hand photograph.

What’s to blame for this increased scrutiny on brides? Kim Kardashian apparently went under the knife for quite a few procedures before her big day, the most ridiculous of which being toe liposuction. With news stories like this dominating gossip headlines, it’s no surprise that brides are feeling self-conscious before their big day. Although these operations may seem frivolous, the spotlight of an engagement and wedding can be very stressful for some new fiancées.

What kind of woman is opting for this surgery? Some women feel that their hands are too thin, too aged or too large. When Photoshop won’t do the trick, women can consult their plastic surgeon for the fairly simple procedure. This may seem extreme to some, but engagements no longer consist of calling friends and relatives — in the social media age, the scrutiny is much more harsh. Instagram filters aren’t doing the trick anymore.

There are a few different ways to get the perfect engagement ring “selfie,” which many are calling the posts featuring engagement rings. Some women opt for laser treatments, chemical peels or injected gels. The injected gels are most popular to get rid of the “bony” or “old” look that many women in their late 20’s and 30’s fear in pictures.

Newest Plastic Surgery Trends For Brides Hand Lifts

Injectable solutions are in the rise in America according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Women vary on how many injection sessions they may need, but a treatment of the popular filler Radiesse runs for about $700 to $800 at a doctor’s office. Another alternative is the popular filler Juvaderm, which reduces lines and is a one-time procedure that will set you back around $1200 and lasts up to nine months. Alternatively, some who believe their hands are too large have an option to go under the knife. This procedure involves creating a small incision to pull back skin. For this action, price varies often.

So is it worth it? Everyone knows how expensive a wedding can get; some may argue that an expense for engagement pictures is impractical for new couples. When will it stop? Is shelling out the big bucks for a cosmetic procedure overriding the importance of the actual engagement?

For many women, the peace of mind and happiness is well worth the cost. Professional pictures can last a lifetime, and everyone knows how important it is to feel confident on your big day.

For newly engaged couples on a budget, there are a few at-home remedies you can try that won’t break the budget. For example, a simple manicure can bring some peace of mind to a newly engaged bride-to-be. Light pink colored polishes photograph well, and there is a multitude of photo editing applications and programs that can make your hand look younger as well. Exfoliating scrubs and thick lotions can also help your hands’ appearance when you show off your new ring in person.

An engagement is an exciting time in every couple’s life. Whether you choose to broadcast your milestone on social media or not, cosmetic surgery can help you feel more confident before your big day. Brides may opt for a more traditional operation like Botox, or go the Kardashian route and get toe liposuction. Either way, the most important aspect of an engagement is the fact that she said yes

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