While driving on the motorways, there is nothing more annoying than a bad driver. Whether someone is gabbing on their mobile phone, following very close behind, or hogging a lane, the last thing anyone wants to deal with while trying to concentrate on driving is a careless driver. Many companies who hold transport contracts have reported that over three-quarters of their drivers have seen mobile phones being used on the road.

The United Kingdom has already enforced stricter rules on mobile phone use while driving. This means that if, while working on transport contracts or just driving on a day off, you are seen using a mobile phone (hand held), you will be penalised. It means an immediate 60 pound fine at present, but this past month the UK government has made an announcement they will be raising the fine. In order to discourage such careless and dangerous driving the penalty will be raised to 100 pounds, with three penalty points on the offender’s license.


These measures were announced in June and are projected to be implemented by July. The new rules will also give authorities the option to allow police to offer educational training as an alternative to endorsement. Drivers with transport contracts will be relieved to hear they are still able to appeal any decision in court if they think their driving has been unjustly punished, and parking penalties are not changing.

With these new claims, the Freight Transport Association has asked the government to clearly outline exactly what police will consider “careless driving”. There have already been very clear rules as to what mobile phone usage is outlawed, and this will help drivers keep out of trouble.

With all these new rules being implemented one can only hope that the motorways will become not only a safer but less stressful place, both for regular drivers and those who take on transport contracts for a living. The new penalties ideally will discourage people from being annoying drivers, and eliminate nuisances like tailgating and hogging lanes. Be sure to look out for the new announcements about higher penalties and stay safe on the road!