Looking to send the cheap parcel to africa? Great, you could ship it in just a few clicks. There is a gazillion of couriers available who offer state-of-the-art air freight services that are tailored especially to fit your heavy or bulk parcelling requirements. And there are those who can simplify your lightweight parcels with an easy door-to-door service. But you need to know how to optimize your expenses in all such processes in order to bring down the cost of international parcel exports.

Did you know that Africa is the second largest with the most advanced economy on the continent? While South Africa still remains one of Britain’s top trading partners, its high floating economy has given the world a much scope of import and export to every part of Africa, including Nigeria, Durban, Egypt, Kenya, Cape Town, Johannesburg and more. No matter you are looking for an express shipping or standard deliveries, make sure to provide the correct weight and size of your parcel to your carrier for reducing your costs. Well, reading this article might help you sharpen your visions in this matter.

Never Forget These 15 Things While Sending Your Parcel To Africa

Parcelling Rules

No matter where you are parcelling, remember to always ask your courier service about your estimate including the customs charges. This brings you to the best export offers and negotiations. Also, don’t forget to compare quotes from at least a dozen of couriers for the cheap parcel to africa irrespective of your business or personal concerns. Keep an eye on the shipping times as well. For ex., some door to door express couriers can be initiated in just 48 hours with possibly the lowest prices while some can take a transit time of approximately 6-7 working days.

Parcelling Preferences

Jot down nook and cranny of your export itineraries to experience a more reliable and transparent economy shipping service. Also, take time to look at your preferences and priorities that top the list. Now check if your chosen courier service is getting them covered.

Following are the main features your parcel service should offer you

Our offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Size and weight of your shipment,
  • Fantastic customer service,
  • Hassle free booking process,
  • Cost-effective delivery,
  • Commitments to sensitivity,
  • Less time-sensitive international shipments,
  • Product insurance,
  • Reliability,
  • Tracking,
  • Pick up,
  • Customs-cleared and bespoke packages,
  • Money-back guarantee,
  • Order-to-delivery cycle time,
  • Door-to-door deliveries,
  • Discounts and offers.

There are a million world renowned courier services to send your parcel to Africa in no time and all of them give you ready tailored and bespoke suits to fit your varied needs and budget according to your product dimension. But these services are only offered to you once you get a quote from your chosen courier. If you still have not requested your parcel courier for one, trust me, it’s time to. Once you are ready with your final quote, which matches your requirement, the rest is just simple and streamlined and will barely take a few minutes to get the entire job done.

Finally, you can expect a very quick transit time for your parcel due to the present robust delivery infrastructure of Africa. Hence, the world-class shipping services make the whole process of your parcel shipping nothing but a cakewalk. Just make sure you keep a full tracking for every consignment of your parcel to Africa until the time you receive the delivery confirmation from the other end.