Cloud services are becoming very popular these days and this is why I began reading a lot lately about the topic. What is very interesting from what I read on forums and other community sites is that most people think that cloud is not commonly used in their daily lives which is wrong, because only in United States, almost 70% of people use online shops almost daily and also online banking services which are generally cloud based. So the statement that cloud is not commonly used, at least in United States, is false.

Moving on, Cloud Computing

is like rocket science. An article posted by Citrix named: Most Americans Confused by Cloud Computing According to National Survey reveals how 1000 American adults understand cloud and its utility. I read there that 51 percent of respondents, including a majority of Millennials, believe that stormy weather can affect cloud computing which is obviously false.

The cloud phase will fade. In my opinion this is wrong. It has already been integrated by numerous companies and will continue to be on an even deeper level. The corporate world is technology driven and Cloud computing is quickly becoming crucial in order to remain competitive. Besides, there are multiple advantages each company has if it uses cloud services starting with: improved security, permanent availability, reduced maintenance costs and many more. Also, when companies start relying on cloud-based services, they no longer need complicated disaster recovery plans. Cloud hosting providers take care of most issues and they do it even faster.

Cloud Services Providers

Some of the top public cloud providers are Microsoft with Azure and also Amazon with their AWS. Since 2013, AWS began offering certification programs for IT engineers with expertise in cloud computing. This is why today, AWS consulting is a certified activity with benefits and reduced costs for our businesses and its application increases yearly, according to Amazon’s yearly revenues reports, this is why I don’t think the cloud era will fade any time soon.

The Cloud stimulate teams in becoming more efficient, because with the help of Google Drive or Dropbox, people can easily share their ideas and files.

Internet Connection

Cloud is more accessible. This is very true, because by using cloud you don’t have to stop by your office to pick a file with a customer or client of yours, you only need an internet connection and you can easily access the file from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Service is a Powerful Tool

In 2016 every financial professional should be thinking of ways it can benefit their organization. Cloud computing grew incredibly fast in 2013 and 2014 and Gartner predicts that it will grow approximately 50 percent by December 2016.

Another positive aspect of cloud computing is that you are free to work from tablets, smart phones, desktops and laptops. If a file is uploaded, it can be easily accessed and updated from any device. By providing the software and IT support needed to keep a business functional, cloud services providers can help companies to remain competitive and save money at the same time.

Here are just some of the benefits of cloud computing, I will come back with more, because we need this technology for our fast evolving businesses.