It is important for us to properly and safely drive at night. According to studies, the severity and frequency of car accidents could increase tenfold between 11PM and 3AM. If we need to drive late at night or in early morning, we should use some strategies to reduce our chances of having an accident.

  • Stay at home: The most effective way to prevent this from occurring is by staying at home. We shouldn’t go out unless we have to. Even if we are very careful, it is still possible that someone who is driving drunk will hit our car at high speed. Every night, we hear reports about people who are killed by drunk drivers. If we are craving for a late-night snack, we shouldn’t go to the nearest convenience store, it isn’t worth it.
  • Don’t drink: Some people really believe that they can hold liquor very well. In fact, we will be arrested when we have reached the legal limit, even if we feel that we are not drunk. It is a proven fact that our reflexes will be impaired and our system will slow down. When we are driving the car, it is important for us to react quickly to unexpected situations. When the group is planning to drink in a party, it is important to have a designated driver. Many families have been torn apart by improper use of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol could really impair our judgment and we will think that we can drive when we shouldn’t.
  • Check our headlights: Headlights are essential safety features during the night. It can be very risky to drive at night with very dim headlights. Even if we can see the street and other cars, people won’t be able to see us and they may accidentally hit us. If our headlights are dim, we should check whether we need new bulbs. Lenses could also be badly scratched and cloudy.
  • Don’t use worn or bad tires: Driving in the rain and in the middle of the night could double the overall risk. Worn and bald tires could cause our car to lose grip and hydroplane on the road. Any attempt to apply the brake will have no effect and the situation will likely result in an accident. We should check whether our tires can still grip even the most slippery road.
  • Replace windshield wiper during springtime: At night and when it rains, our visibility could be badly reduced. When we have ineffective wipers, plenty of water will still remain on the glass and our vision will be reduced. Windshield wipers are very cheap and some mechanics will agree to install them for free.
  • Check the battery: The battery should be checked when we change the oil and this will prevent us from being stranded in the middle of nowhere at night. The car could stalls suddenly at the middle of the road and other drivers could hit us at high speed from behind. It is important to have reflective warning signs that we can place behind the car as we are waiting for assistances.