As our society developed over time, so have the other things with it, like language, technology, medicine and many other sciences. However, medical breakthroughs can, with great certainty, be considered one of the most important and most influential ones. New discoveries in this field are constantly being made, but some of them do stand out, as they changed people’s lives completely.

1. Cloning

Most Important Medical Breakthroughs Of All Time

Using human skin cells, Shoukhrat Mitalipov created the first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep. Even though it was unable to walk or talk, this was considered one of the greatest breakthroughs in human history. Scientists hope that this discovery will contribute to the treatment of various diseases such as Alzheimer’s or heart diseases.

2. In Vitro

In-vitro fertilization is a way of creating pregnancies. It is a technique that helps women with poor quality eggs to produce healthy, mature ones and a lot of women who struggle to get pregnant, consider it a miracle.

3. Anesthetic

Anesthesia is a temporary state of unconsciousness, lack of pain and muscle relaxation, so just be grateful that you were born after its discovery in the 19th century. Before, the surgeries were performed without it, and the patient was able to feel everything that was done to him during the procedure.

4. Newborn Babies Cured from HIV

However, if a woman does get infected with HIV, it is possible to stop the transmission of the virus on to the baby and thanks to recent developments in medicine, doctors managed to find a way to cure babies who showed signs of HIV infection, just after birth.

5. Contraceptive Devices – Birth Control Pill and Condoms

At one point in history people decided to have smaller families and the famous birth control pill was discovered. Even though some religious groups disapprove of it, it is still considered one of the most popular contraceptive methods used by women. However, relying only on this method alone is not advisable, as it does not prevent the transmission of STDs, so it is always smart to use condoms. Many people feel uncomfortable when they have to buy them, so the good thing is that today it is possible to purchase condoms online.

6. Penicillin

Most Important Medical Breakthroughs Of All Time

Thanks to the Alexander Fleming who, by accident, discovered penicillin, many fatal diseases are now curable. What he did was left a Petri dish overnight, only the find the mold next morning, actively repelling the bacteria around it. The results of this discovery are numerous anti-biotics used to treat various viruses and infections.

7. Insulin

The number of obese people is constantly rising, and consequently so is the number of those who are suffering from diabetes. This is why insulin, a hormone that keeps the blood sugar in check, is of great importance. In the past, Type 1 Diabetes used to be a terminal disease, and even though it is not curable, thanks to the insulin, it is manageable and people can live normal lives.

8. Detection of Parkinson’s Disease

Scientist claim that when the earliest stages of this disease start showing, like shaking hands and lips, it is too late for the medicine to kick in. However, thanks to the medical development, it is now possible to detect the Parkinson’s disease even before these symptoms appear.