Now that times are getting harder, it just makes more sense to try to make the most of available jobs and resources- and that means taking on more loads. And why not? What with the increasing fuel prices, more players vying for the same jobs and traffic making deliveries harder than they used to, maximization is the name of the game!

If you want to make the most of every trip and ensure profitability for your hard work, there are several other ways you can go over and above your regular deliveries. Here are some of them- and where they can be found.


Make The Most Of Technology!

When you’re part of a big company or organization, your biggest problem is often making the delivery-not making the most loads per trip. When you’re an independent player or owner of a small-scale operation, profitability is a problem you have to face with fewer resources than the big players.

Good thing there’s technology to the rescue! Through the power of mobile phones and the internet, it’s now possible for independent haulage industry people and small-scale customers –who can’t pay the rates big customers can- to get together and meet each other’s needs. Through freight exchanges, auction sites and delivery/haulage fora customers are able to avail of lower cost deliveries, while haulage folk, find more jobs and loads!


For many small and medium-sized businessmen who need deliveries, groupage is one of the best ways to get their goods to their destinations at the lowest possible cost.  Also called consolidation, groupage simply is when haulage firms group together different loads from different customers into one container or trailer.

Given the logistics required to find different small shipments going to the same area– it’s often a haulage system that’s much easier for larger firms and networks. With the advent of the Internet and its networks or exchanges, it’s become a more feasible option for independents and small-scale players.

Back Loads

Back loads and return loads are simply jobs matched to a delivery’s return trip. Instead of coming back with an empty hold or trailer, finding return jobs makes delivery trips if not doubly profitable, at least extra so. What happens is that customers post jobs on online sites and the exchange matches these available jobs with registered trips. Matching drivers bid for the opportunity to carry the cargo and the customers choose.

Part Loads

Part loads on the other hand are extra jobs for pick up and delivery within the route of the main job. Unlike back load jobs that wait until the regular job has been done, some people can make the part load delivery on either leg of the trip– feasibility depends on the truck capacity and tightness of the schedule. Part loads are popular both for drivers and customers because of their ease and flexibility. Customers like them because they are far less expensive than standard jobs, as well as scheduling is much faster and more efficient.