As a lorry driver you may be surprised at the number of expensive temptations that are encountered on a daily basis. You might find it hard to resist the pangs of hunger as you pass roadside cafes; you might even be keen to visit bars and other entertainment venues after long days on the road. However, it is possible to retain a good deal of the money that you make from transport contracts by adopting the money saving strategies outlined in this article.

Money Saving Tips For Lorry Drivers

Monitor Your Expenditure

Firstly, it is extremely important to keep a detailed list of your weekly outgoings. You might well find that you are spending great amounts on unnecessary luxuries such as chocolate bars or cigarettes. Think about the alternative uses that you could make of this money! You could save up for a holiday with your family, take a trip to see your favourite sports team, or even make extra payments on the mortgage.

Reduce the Number of Refreshment Stops

If you’ve been working with transport contracts for some time, you’ll undoubtedly realise the temptation of stopping at roadside cafes way too often. You may even have developed friendly relationships with the owners of these establishments! However, if you’re keen on saving your hard earned money it might be best to reduce the number of visits that you make. Try making snacks before you leave home and cooking a healthy lunch to take with you (see below).

Create Your Own Meals

After spending many hours behind the wheel you may be a little reluctant to cook your own food. However, this may be necessary if you are attempting to stick to a tight budget. Invest in a portable refrigerator and microwave in order to store and cook a variety of tasty foods and you’ll be amazed at the money you can save.

Take Advantage of Free Wi-Fi

The one major downside to landing multiple transport contracts is that you’ll have to endure long periods away from friends and family. You might even find you spend a good deal your earnings on calls to your nearest and dearest. Thankfully it is possible to reduce the mobile phone bill by finding free Wi-Fi spots. You’ll then be able to make calls using free Internet technology such as Skype. Spend some time researching the best deals for your mobile phone too.

Make the Most Of Special Deals

There are often business (shops, restaurants, petrol stations) that make special offers to lorry drivers. Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking! Also, if you work for one of the larger companies specialising in transport contracts, make sure you take advantage of their employee schemes – they might offer to wash and dry your uniform for free, for example.