A student’s income will usually be restricted because most of the day is spent attending class and studying. This leaves very little time to work and earn a sizeable income. If you are studying with a student loan or you suddenly discover that you are getting cash strapped, you need to learn how to stretch your funds and balance your partying and studying. Here are some valuable tips that will help you to live well on a low budget.

Go Green, Be Unconventional

Going green as a student will not only preserve the environment, it will also save you a lot of cash. So adopt the eco-friendly lifestyle and pay close attention to your carbon footprint. Choose a simple style of clothing, recycle materials and packaging where possible, and cook your meals. You can even cut costs further by reducing your water consumption, using public transportation, and walking where possible. In addition to saving money, you could boost your self esteem by promoting the “save our planet” philosophy. Nobody will dare to call you ‘cheap’ when you do this.

Adopt a Low Cost Bodybuilder’s Diet

Bodybuilders are well known for consuming huge quantities of various food groups and micro-nutrients while they are in their bulking phase. Hence, they are constantly looking for the least cost sources of the nutrients they need. So you can learn a lot about how to obtain high quality nutrients at a low price by visiting bodybuilding websites and forums. You will discover a lot tips on how to get a cheap ‘lean phase’ meal plan if you have a some extra pounds to shed. You don’t have to adopt the high calorie intake that hardcore bodybuilders adopt to build up huge muscles. You simply need about 2500 calories daily. Examples of good sources of low cost protein include: milk and eggs. Rice is a relatively cheap source of carbohydrate. Nuts will provide healthy fatty acids and you can obtain your micro-nutrients from vegetables and fruits.

Reduce the Amount Spent on Textbooks

Most standard college text books can be quite expensive. However, there are many ways to spend less on books. First you can search the web for websites that sell used textbooks. You can also save money by renting textbooks just for the months you need to use them to study for your exams. Since most people don’t pay attention to textbooks after they have passed their exams, you will be able to get some textbooks for free from older students. Also, you can purchase an electronic version of a book since the absence of printing costs will make it cheaper.

Do a “Trade by Barter” for Your Needs

Look for fellow students and friends who have something they can offer you. Then help them with studying, projects, term papers, or chores, and receive what you need in return. You can use this method to get free food and drinks, free transport in their car, or any other favor they are ready to do for you. Avoid asking fellow students to pay for your service since both of you will have tight budgets.

With the tips provided above, you can manage your cash better and stretch it over a longer period. Always think of creative ways of obtaining what you need for free or at a very low price. Brainstorm several ideas and think out of the box so you can maximize the use of your funds.