A Bachelorette party is the only place where women enjoy not having men around. Barring a few exceptions (E.g. the male entertainer – dancer cum stripper) they love only the girlie gig. So, to plan this amazing all girls’ rock-star party which will make it to the 14083586_smemorable party list you will need a few handy tips before your big last night out. The Do’s and Don’ts of any Bachelorette party should include:

  • Book early and avail great deals: With the season of marriage comes the season of great deals and excellent discounts. Book your venues well in advance to avail exciting offers and get a VIP treatment for fewer bucks. It never hurts to shell out less and get more. So plan well ahead in advance to utilize the gift of business in winning yourself the best deal. With the economic slowdown there is plenty of competition so companies will be vying for your business. So inquire at multiple places and compare the most apt deal before you finalize on something.
  • Dress: Since you are a part of a group, here you can color co-ordinate whether in Black or red or also have a theme running like a retro or playmates look. Inform every girl well in advance so they have enough time to prepare their outfits. Uniformity adds a sense of sassiness and makes the whole group look jazzy. Whatever you wear just be sure it is comfortable clothing and that you will have an enjoyable fun time in it. To avoid discomfort of High heeled stilettos, un-breathable and skin fitted outfits or an itchy blouse or inner. Try your dress in advance and assure its comfort level. Remember you have a long night ahead.
  • Carry ample cash: Be sure to carry spare cash and your credit cards just in case the need arises to make any payments. It is really embarrassing and in some way a downer when your friends have to cover for you. So make sure you know accurately, before the festivities begin what is included in your package etc.
  • Arrange for Transport: When you are aware that all the girls will be heavy on boozing, it is advisable to book a safe mode of transport like a cab rather than drink and drive, which is a punishable offense. The safety of all the women is of utmost important so make sure everyone reaches home safely after a wild night of partying.
  • Carry mints: Peppermints serve as a great hangover reliever. So stack them up in case anyone is feeling nauseous or gets too high. They are also generally a great mouth-freshener.
  • Stay away from your cell-phone: It is a big turn-off to see women engrossed in mobile chats or talks when at a party. Avoid this mistake to not make the bride feel neglected. It is her special day so the focus should not shift from her. Enjoy your time with the other bachelorettes at the party.
  • Keep the bride’s interest in mind: Be extra sensitive and put in detailed efforts to make the bachelorette the best party for the bride and not the one she dreads the rest of her life. Keep her interest, taste and likes in mind and plan activities that center them and not the bridesmaids.
  • Touch up kit: Always carry your traveler make-up pouch so you can freshen up in between breaks of crazy dancing and karaoke sessions. It should be your endeavor to look your best in every picture and not filled with sweat with the eye-liner smudged all over your eyes making a pirate patch or a patchy foundation making your skin look uneven and blotchy.
  • No Catfights: Many times a bride has a mixed set of groups coming from various important phases of her life like her co-workers, high school friends or even relatives. So when there is a vast array of different personalities it is possible for the loud ones to create some drama or drop F bombs in matters of split seconds. No obscene gestures can be made which are not in a good taste. The whole mood of the party will be ruined because there is some trucker mouth. So avoid any such instances from occurring at your party. You won’t like people to banish the party just because it has some spoil-sport acting under the influence of alcohol.

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