With the upcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada, many people are wondering about the benefits that it can provide for health issues and where to buy medical marijuana online. There are many ways that medical marijuana can be consumed, and often the method varies by what ailment it is trying to solve. Take a look below for a brief overview of the most common methods to see what may be a good fit for you.

Medical Marijuana Consumption Methods


Smoking medical marijuana is a fast and effective way to get the drug into the bloodstream as it travels through the mouth and lungs. As the bloodstream carries the effects through the body, most people will feel different after a few minutes. This method works best for fast onset pain such as migraines, and can also be beneficial for mental health problems such as depression or anxiety.


This is another way to quickly feel pain relief, and it involves heating the plant on a low temperature until it vaporizes rather than combusts. This method is safer on your lungs as it avoids potentially harmful substances such as tar, and can also be used for headaches or mood disorders.


Also called transdermal treatments, topical treatments come in many forms such as lotions or essential oils. Medical marijuana has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can help alleviate burns, skin conditions, or muscle soreness when applied topically. The effects of topical applications are not likely to be felt across the whole body, but the patient will begin to feel relief in the affected area within a few minutes.


Ingestible marijuana can come in many forms, and can be eaten in a variety of foods from baked goods to salads. This method is beneficial for chronic or long lasting pain, and because it takes longer to work it is not often used for immediate relief. Be cautious when ingesting medical marijuana, as it is easier to under or overdose as the effects do not set in right away.

Medical marijuana can relieve many types of pain from a variety of ailments. Contact us today at Farmacy for more information on how medical marijuana can help you.