One of the most important parts of the human body is one’s hair. A beautiful hair is sure to grab the eye of everyone in a room and is available in a choice of length or styles that will fit one’s overall appearance.

But having long, healthy hair and maintaining it well can look like a far off dream. With the kind of schedules that we live in, it an be really difficult to maintain the beautiful length.  No! You don’t have to be disheartened about it, it is now possible to achieve this end with the use of synthetic or natural hair extensions, which can be easily attached to your natural hair. This involves do-it-yourself or salon hair extension methods. Following are some hair extension tips and hair extension methods, which may help you learn what is available.


Clip-in extensions can be self or salon applied, are available in various lengths. They are available in either natural or synthetic hair. These extensions can be styled to your satisfaction with curling, straightening or blow-drying. However, it is important that an extension be treated the same as your own hair, with proper styling preparations, before treating.

Available in all types of color, this type of extension is especially popular with people who wish to add a streak of color to their hair. Having a strip of red, green, blue or some other color adds an outstanding appearance to your regular hair.

In addition to the main hair colors available, it is possible to have clip-in extensions that are custom made. These extensions are treated the same as your natural hair and applied with a simple clip which is easily opened and closed.


When you decide to have a professionally applied extension, it is important that you choose a stylist who has a good reputation concerning their work. This type of extension is not inexpensive and you want to be sure to have the best available.

Styles available are:

  • Weaves

Designer weaves, known as “quick weaves” involve attaching the extension with a bonding adhesive. This type of weave is easily applied and reduces the time required in the salon.

  • Micro Link Fusion

This is one of the latest methods of hair extension. This type of weave uses a Micro copper tube to fasten the extension to your hair root. This type of weave is especially effective for a person who has thin or fine hair and desires a natural-looking result.

  • Malaysian Link Sew-In

This type of extension is sewed into the hair and is especially effective for those who have short hair. It adds both length and fullness to the hair and requires no adhesives or glue. This particular type of sew-in extension allows many styles not allowed with other extensions. It lasts approximately 8-10 weeks with normal care. This weave takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to apply.

  • Net Weaves

For one who wants a “full weave” this method is ideal. A thin net is served as a foundation on top of your braided hair. This covers the entire head and is excellent for those who have hair problems. This weave lasts 10-12 weeks.

  • Other Weaves

These include Regular Sew-In, Drawstring, Glue-in, Half, Lace Front, Net and Custom. Each of these weaves have special features regarding the method used in application, which can provode different results.

Using the appropriate extension can bring about a huge change in the appearance of your hair. If you want long, curly or a special style, it is easy when you find the type that fits your particular desire. There are many hair extension tips and explanations of hair extension methods available on the internet.