Does your heart sink when you enter the bathroom? Is it a room where you never feel inclined to linger? That’s a shame because relaxing bath hours are one of the best ways to rejuvenate tired spirits.

If it is the thought of spending big on a bathroom makeover that’s preventing you from taking the plunge, read on for ways to upgrade on a budget without splashing too much cash…

Don’t Panic, Plan It

Any changes to a bathroom should be carefully considered as it is a key part of any home’s smooth operations. Taking it out of use for any amount of time can be massively inconvenient if it is the only bathroom. If you envisage a reconfiguration of layout, to speed things up it’s a good idea to engage plumbing experts. For residents of Bishop’s Stortford plumbers with a good reputation should be called in to move major fixtures and ensure the pipework is all in order.


Perhaps you want to add a separate shower cubicle to your bathroom or an extra sink? Installation is quicker, simpler and ultimately cheaper when you use the pros. For Herts homeowners Bishop’s Stortford plumbers can be in and out in a flash, leaving you to move forward with the rest of the makeover.

If you are moving things around in the bathroom and are constricted by lack of space, consider changing a conventional door for a sliding model. This immediately frees up more space and multiplies your options.

Small Changes for Big Impact

You can keep the budget nailed down by retaining existing sanitary-ware such as bath and basins, but changing the faucets over. Gleaming new taps inject fresh appeal into any bathroom and if you buy during the sales or source end of line models, great savings can be made.

Tile Guile

Wrestle the budget down by keeping tiling to a minimum. Snap up remainders or seconds from bargain tile warehouses and focus on simply tiling the places that really need it. Classified adverts and online resources make good hunting grounds for DIY materials. People tend to over-order and sell off unused items at big discounts. Around the basin, bath and shower tiles are useful, but there are other areas where paint will do just as well – and paint is so much cheaper. For extra bling you may be tempted to purchase pricier accent tiles and if you keep the numbers low, costs can be balanced out by using cheaper tile to cover bulk areas.

Decor Details

New door handles, light shades, switches, hooks, rails and accessories can make a large impact for little money. Look out for unusual baskets, jars or boxes that make good storage solutions for all the bathroom clutter that accumulates. A wall mounted mirror cabinet works twice as hard for its place, providing storage and a fine place for make-up application and shaving.

Get Fresh

If replacement tiles are out of the question, give them a new lease of life for a few pounds by polishing them up. Treat mouldy spots with specialised spray, then re-grout for a freshness that will have them looking good as new.

Vanity Vogue

Re-working the area around the sink needn’t be costly if you source a second-hand dresser, desk or set of drawers for a custom vanity unit. Using a Jigsaw tool, simply cut out a hole in the top and install the basin. These DIY sink units are brilliant for creating extra storage, hiding ugly pipework and introducing quirky style. Paint or stain in your colour of choice, tile the counter top around the sink or find a cast-off piece of hardwood to finish it off in elegant fashion.

Sea Walls

Too skint for wallpaper? Find some vintage maritime charts and paper them on the wall for a truly unique but totally apt wall treatment. Age them with cold tea to give them a vintage look. Simply stick them up with wallpaper paste and give them a few covers of varnish for protection, and voila! A one-off bathroom with superb sea-faring credentials.

Paint Power

Finally, if your pennies really are tight, paint is the answer to your prayers. Covering walls, ceilings, floors and cabinets in a couple of neutral but lightly contrasting shades will lift an under-performing bathroom into the A stream. Simply add interest and pops of colour with low-cost accessories, fresh flowers and bright new towels for a chic, not cheap look.

Blitz your bathroom today with these budget ideas for bathing bliss. Spend time, effort and imagination instead of money, and you too can have a bathroom to be proud of…