Do you dream of reporting live from disaster zones and war-torn countries? Or maybe you’d like to secretly piece together a conspiracy before blowing the whistle to the entire nation. Before you have any success as a journalist, you’ll need a solid education as a foundation for the future, so here are five degrees that can make that happen.

1. Journalism

The most obvious degree is also the most important. While you don’t necessarily need a journalism degree to get your foot in the door of most media companies, it will definitely show employers that you’ve studied the structure and history of the field and are prepared to wield that knowledge in pursuit of truth.

2. International and Public Affairs

If you plan on covering news around the globe, a public affairs degree can help you understand how to bridge the gap between cultures on both a personal and professional level. It’ll teach you about economics, globalization and area studies; it will show you how to connect with people even if they speak a different language than your own. It can also be a nice cushion for corporate work if you ever tire of journalism.

3. Computer Science

Never underestimate the power of the media. In the 21st century, when news can be broken by ordinary citizens with smartphones, it’s critically important that you understand the basics of technology to keep pace with the masses. A computer science degree will ensure that you stay ahead of the curve, and it’ll also give you an edge over other journalists who are still stuck in the ’90s.

4. Communications

A UF communication degree online will help you both on- and off-camera in terms of eloquence, relevance and investigative technique. Best of all, you don’t even need a classroom to learn and for the most part, you can do your homework on your own time.

5. Business

The most successful journalists aren’t just mouthpieces in front of a big event. They also understand the hierarchy of the entire news machine and how to manipulate it; they have equal knowledge of news gathering and media management. A business degree will help you make serious strides in your journalism career, especially if you double-major in communications or journalism itself.

Journalism can be a tough place to get ahead, but these five degrees will help you both understand the industry and qualify for higher-level employment. If you want to be on the front lines of tomorrow’s news, start by getting an education today.