Most people want to make sure that they are fully prepared for a job interview. This means ensuring that you are ready for any questions that you may be asked. This said, there are questions that should not be asked of you during an interview, even if you have a criminal record. While a potential employer is certainly allowed to perform a background check, he or she can not ask some questions relating to your criminal record.

Legal Interview Tactics To Watch Out For

“A potential employer does not have the right to ask if you have ever been arrested. This question is not the same as asking if you have ever been convicted of a felony. Your felony charges are of public record and can be determined by your employer or potential employer fairly easily. Simply being arrested for a crime does not make your guilty and should have no bearing on your interview or competency relating to a job,” said a representative of the personal injury law firm, Gustad Law.

During an interview a potential employer is not allowed to ask you about your personal life such as how many children you have, whether you are married or not and what your living situation is. They also can not discuss any criminal record of your friends, family or spouse. The criminal past of those you know should not matter in your ability to do the job. These things should not come up during your interview and you don’t need to answer if they do.

“The best way to deal with your criminal record is to seek the help of a professional,” said Brockton Hunter, a criminal defense attorney. “A team of experts with a great deal of experience can assist you in potentially getting these charges removed from your record. This could be the best way to ensure you are not asked embarrassing questions during an interview and that you have the best shot at your dream job.”