neckIn cold laser therapy, laser light is targeted at a particular region, travels through skin and tissue to healing at a cellular level.  Today, it is recommended for a variety of ailments and is employed in a range of therapies including uncommon ones like bursitis therapy Melbourne and details for this can be seen at

Here’s what laser therapy can heal:

Skin blemishes
Blemishes are a common skin problem suffered by people worldwide. The problem, if left untreated in the early stages itself can be very discomforting. There are various creams and lotions available in the market for blemishes but sometimes they can be ineffective against stubborn blemishes. Although a bit expensive, cold laser therapy can be extremely effective and there are several cases where people who had problems dealing with blemishes got complete relief within a single sitting. Depending on your condition, the therapy may last for a few minutes or for an hour. For longer sessions, the treatment is conducted under local anaesthesia.

Laser treatments for skin blemishes (including acne) can be more effective than other programs. However, it is advisable to follow a dermatologist’s instructions perfectly to ensure optimum results. Cold laser treatment has been effective in healing scarring, but you should have an initial skin test to ensure viable results. The procedure works by stimulating cell activity, to speed up the healing and rebuilding of skin.

Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are another common skin problem. They usually occur among women during or post pregnancy. It is also common among both men and women who lose or gain weight in a short period of time. The marks appear due to the stretching of the skin. Though it is not a serious issue, the marks can look ugly.

One of the best treatments for getting rid of the stretch marks permanently is cold laser therapy. The laser lights helps by stimulating the production of new collagen in the body.  Stretch marks are addressed via pulsed dye laser and fractional laser therapy. Both lasers have a different potency in addressing the various types of stretch marks, and can enable smooth skin without stretch marks.  The laser therapy works by using light wavelengths to promote collagen and elastin growth, which can end stretch marks.

It is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded diseases. While there are different treatments being developed to cure cancer, cold laser therapy has proved to be mighty effective against certain types of cancer. The treatment involves targeting the cancer causing cells in the body and the laser lights destroy the cells completely. Several people suffering from mild forms of cancer have stated that they have recovered completely from their condition after receiving the laser treatment.

Knee Pain or Arthritis
Keen pain usually occurs among the old aged people. As people grow old their bones tend to weaken and they suffer pain. Arthritis can cause excruciating pain and if left untreated it can even cause permanent damage to the joint. The cold laser therapy has proved to be highly effective treatment for both knee pain caused by injury as well as for arthritis. It not only alleviates the pain in quick time but also helps in eliminating the pain completely and permanently.

Chronic Pain
Chronic pain, i.e. pain lasting over 4 months, has hampered the lives of many across Australia. A survey found that 20% of sufferers have even considered suicide. Dependence on pain medication has its own share of drawbacks, and it costs the Australian economy economy billions in productivity and health costs, annually. World-class laser therapeutics in Melbourne for treating chronic pain can be accessed at the Laser Pain Therapy centre which has become the numerouno choice of Melbourne residents for this purpose.