For most of us Facebook provides an enjoyable pastime while we for wait for trains and in queues. An easy way to stay in contact with family and friends. However there are many who seem addicted to Facebook. What is it about Facebook that makes it so addictive and potentially so unhealthy?

It’s Effortless

Everything from posting a status to liking a photo is made so simple. Your posts goes out to all your friends at once, making it easier to keep in contact with everyone you know. Previously if you wanted to contact someone you haven’t talked to for a while you would have to write a long email or text message. Through Facebook you assume that everyone you know knows what’s happening in your life, so when you contact them you don’t have to fill in the blanks.

We’re All Curious Creatures

Humans have an infinite curiosity about everything. Facebook gives us a platform where we can satiate that need to know what is happening around us. How ofter do you find yourself on some random Facebook page and don’t remember how you got there? We’ve all been guilty of some Facebook stalking.

Is Facebook Healthy?

It’s Actually Called Bragbook

We love ourselves and we want everyone to know how well we’re doing. What do we all post and see most frequently on our newsfeed? Holiday pics, concert pics, amazing food pics and anything that would make someone else a tiny bit jealous.

This addiction has gone so far that many people seem to live a double life online. Not only is it necessary to upload the best photos out of the forty shots taken. People spend ages on coming up with the best tag lines. Many go to the extent of buying likes for their photos to make it look more popular. Some even go to the extent of buying friends! What does it give users in return for this loyalty? A sense of connection of sorts and a whole lot of advertising opportunities if you’re on the other side of the fence.

The Flip Side

If used correctly Facebook can offer it’s users a host of opportunities. It can help long distance friendships feel closer then ever. Easy access to photo albums that we’re all too lazy to take off the bookshelf. It is a timeline of the highlights within your life. A quick browse can lift your spirits. It provides business opportunities to people who never would have taken a traditional route and opened a business.

Many small businesses have made it big through social media. It is a marketing tool for everyone and can level the playing field when you are a small business starting up. Facebook has given us the potential to reach people like never before. Use it wisely and it can be the best tool for your personal and work life.