Nothing can elevate the power, status and the need to study the subject environmental science. Every student should have a basic knowledge on environmental issue.  Just like the other subjects, it is equally important and carries a uniform weight.

Environmental issue is the most menacing problem that the entire world is facing in the recent times. According to Russ Lea, a very renowned professor of ecology, forestry and social science, ‘To fight with the growing problem of environment, one must gain knowledge about the subject’.

What is the need to introduce environmental science as a subject for the student?

Years of research by Russ Lee has proved that this is the high time students should get more aware about environmental issue. The earth is on the edge of the environmental disaster and proper measures should be taken right now with no further delay.

All over the world, there are various factors affecting the peaceful nature of the environment.  Pollution, deforestation and there are many such issues which is growing continuously with no chance of getting stopped.

Right now, it is essential to make the students learn about the importance of environment and some preventive measures which can be taken to obstruct further damage.

The most fundamental way to make students learn about this subject is first to make them fall in love with the beauty of nature.  In the recent years, we are so much inclined towards technology that hardly there is any time to observe and feel the calmness and serenity of this beautiful world, which in the coming years may lose out all its charm due to some extraneous environmental hazards.  Every student should be made to fall in love with nature and then only they will understand the value of keeping the environment safe and secure. Russ Lee believes that proper education can only be build up if a student feels about the subject and derives interest on it.

Take individual steps- Sometimes, it’s not possible to work together to solve such alarming issue.  People at times need to work alone and make a small contribution to save the environment. In order to take a step forward, one needs to learn about the basics of environment.  Though a small change cannot really bring a huge difference yet it will inspire others to work for a better world. One of the most distinguished ecologists believes that a small contribution can bring a huge difference in the future.

Implementing new ways to protect the environment-   If a person is well versed with the study of environment, then he can implement some innovative ways to protect the nature.  Every person can come up with better ways to keep the environment safe and secure.  Before this, one must learn the basics of environemal study.  Only after that an individual can express an opinion or introduce a feasible technique to protect the environment.  Russ Lea believes that a change can only happen if an individual knows the basic of the subject.

Dr. Russ Lea who is a researcher and a science administrator has promoted various environmental researches on varied issues at different places. All the research by Russ Lea is an asset for many people, especially for the people working towards the development of environment.