A thorough inspection is one of the first important things to do before cleaning. It is that important step, which will ensure you a better overview of what’s to come, as well as how much time and efforts you’re about to need to complete all tasks. A thorough inspection of the stains and the degree of staining will also help you to decide whether you can do everything by yourself or whether a better idea is to call a professional cleaning company to deal with the most soiled objects and spots.

The easiest way is to spend at least a couple of hours in the day before the domestic cleaning day. This will give you plenty of time to check out every corner and object for stains, dirt and other blemishes. A great advice is to make a checklist with the rooms in your house, condo or apartment maybe. Make columns for each room and just with a simple note of three degrees highlight every object from that room. After that, it should be easier to decide to call only a carpet cleaning company or a bigger agency with professional crews for cleaning windows, carpets and upholstery.

Moreover, inspect thoroughly the condition of the objects in the garden, on the porch or everything outdoors. This will help you with the house maintenance on a monthly or even seasonal basis. Check out the condition of vents and the air conditioning system, as well as gutters, the outdoor parts of the windows frames, etc. So, take your free time and make another separate column for the items outdoors.

Inspect The Condition Of The Dirty Objects Before Cleaning

After the inspection of every room, you may discover that some objects may need small repairs although they look clean, shiny and in good overall condition. The hinges of cabinets and wardrobe doors, legs of wooden chairs and tables, and glued objects like hangers behind the doors are only a couple examples. Because of the dirt, the blemishes and all other remnants after the repairs, you may want to put these objects high on the checklist even if it’s needed just to fasten a couple of screws or so.

Or else, add another column in the checklist with the objects that are useless and you want to get rid of them. Ask your cleaning agency whether they offer recycling services or what’s the easiest way to forget about the piles of old letters, newspapers, etc. Yet all will be easier if you make yourself a checklist in advance and mention these objects in a specific column. One it should save time in the day for domestic cleaning and two, it will enhance the organization of the cleaning itself.

Inspect The Condition Of The Dirty Objects Before Cleaning

Finally, to keep your house clean for a longer time, you definitely have to take good care about the objects and items which are not that heavily stained. From wiping off dust to polishing wooden upholstery and deodorizing the bathroom or the kitchen – these yet easy tasks require some extra time too. That’s why a great idea is to put aside all the easy things as a last step and the best way to organize them is to put them in another separate column in the checklist.

The good inspection of the condition of the objects in the house is a key step to prepare yourself for the big domestic cleaning. The right checklist can help you to give the right tasks to your family members, friends or roommates in order to achieve better results quickly and efficiently.

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