Since 1919 Th.Khol makes its costumers satisfied by guaranteeing excellence , quality, and innovation.

Thanks to this, the company has become a European leader in the field of interior pharmacy design.

To date Th.Khol is flanked by Pharmateck, which is specialized in the design of automated warehouse systems, and Mattec Interiors which designs and creates furniture for retail spaces.

The store design can change the way the patients think about pharmacy. The store’s design can be used to change up the typical patient experience making it more than a drug transaction.

Personalization of the pharmacy is a key point for the Company, which is always searching for new, more advanced and better performing materials, architecture and technology to keep up-to-date with and anticipate new market trends combining them with colours and finishes in ever new solutions to provide the best shopping experience possible.

How they do this?

Experts in the field have developed the method Th.Khol comprising four steps that will totally revolutionize your pharmacy. Thanks to this method the company will find out strategies can to be planned at all levels and define the pharmacy’s objective in terms of profitability and service level by analyzing trends in the pharmacy and performance of its department and by doing a sustainability study.

Consequently the pharmacy layout can take shape choosing architecture, materials and technologies most suitable for you, ensuring a very personal result.

The Company will attend the pharmacy in this path of changing and renovation even after the end of the project by monitoring results and profit. It is made with the support of consultants specialized in business management. In this way the owner can be sure that his investment went thought because the satisfaction of the costumer is the main purpose of Th.Khol’s Group.

The final mission of the company is not only to sell new furniture or new technologies, but also ensure to its costumers a great growing with a complete service that starts from the analysis of the Pharmacy and ends checking up the pharmacy’s performance and verifying the alignment with the objectives outlined in the analysis phase.

The goals achieved by the company show how important it is to take the path of innovation. But not only this.

The company’s philosophy is to put the pharmacist at the centre of everything to convey his uniqueness and identity to convert them in a unique and innovative layout, design and functionality.

This is the philosophy that made the company a successful Company.