In today’s modern world, most employers and job seekers use the services of a recruitment agency to save time and money.  Recruitment agencies help to match employers with job seekers who fit a specific job criterion.  Some agencies specialize in specific sectors or markets, like secretarial or temping services.

Recruitment agencies do not generally charge any fee from the job seekers; they usually make their commission from employers who pay them a fee for finding suitable candidates for their job vacancy.

The professional way of finding a recruitment agency is to look on your local high street, but today there are several Internets based online recruitment agencies to make life simpler.

Employers would Use Recruitment Agencies for Several Different Reasons as under:

  • They are a small firm without a HR department.
  • They do not wish to go public or advertise and get thousands unsuitable applicant phoning in.
  • They intend to save on advertisement costs.
  • They are looking for specific skills.
  • They have had issues in the past with searching suitable applicants through advertisements.

Why must you Registering with a Recruiting Agency to Search for a Job?

There are several advantages to registering CV with a recruitment agency or with several recruitment agencies for following reasons:-

  • You won’t require to spend lot of time browsing through the job classified sections
  • Suppose you are looking for a particular sector or industry, then you could select recruitment agencies that specialize in that sector only.
  • The recruitment agency would do the required hard work of searching so, you don’t have to.  They would possess the expertise to pinpoint and send your details out to hundreds of employers in a single touch, saving your time and enhancing your exposure.
  • Recruitment agencies would be able to search jobs which match your needs and skills and you save your time by not applying for unsuitable positions.
  • You might desire to carry out some temping, prior to finding a permanent position and there are recruiting agencies those who specialize in searching temporary vacancies.
  • The employers you desire to contact might only use recruitment agencies and not accept open market applications.
  • A recruitment organization would be able to assist you in preparing your Curriculum Vitae and prepare for interviews.  They might even provide mock interviews and several other helpful services.
  • They would be able to provide you with feedback regarding your CV and about how you performed in the interviews.
  • Utilizing a recruitment agency would also save you money – you would save on postage costs involving sending out job applications and CV.

Recruitment agencies too benefit both the job seeker and employers; it’s in a way win-win situation.

Even though most of the recruitment agencies would not charge a job hunter for finding them for employment, they might charge for some of the allied services, like helping with improving your CV.  Always ask for a summary of their charges before utilizing any of their services.

Also bear in mind to keep a record of which recruitment agencies are landing appropriate vacancies for you.  If the ones you sign up for don’t seem to be performing zap them and find a suitable one to register with – you have absolutely nothing to lose.