Boredom can become a real problem for those who work for haulage companies and spend their life on the road. They may have to spend hours driving along the motorways, where traffic jams are fairly common; they may even fall into the temptation of daydreaming, thereby increasing the chance of an accident. Thankfully, it is possible to relieve the tedium by playing the games listed in this article.

License Plate Rearrangement


If you like playing around with words you’ll definitely be interested in the variety of license plate games. You could use the letters to come up with the names of popular sports or celebrities; alternatively you could challenge yourself to the multiplication of numbers on different plates. Just remember the importance of concentrating on your driving, though.

Shopping Bag Game

You may have the opportunity to drive around with a team member when working for haulage companies, or you might be able to keep in contact with your co-workers via a CB radio. In either case you will have the opportunity to play group games. You could start out by playing the shopping bag game. Each player is tasked with calling out an item that they’ve added to a shopping bag; the list will continue to build until somebody is unable to recall all of the contents. Simple? Yes. Fun? Definitely!

Story Development

This works in a very similar way to the shopping bag game. One person starts off with the line of a story: if you want to keep it simple, “Once upon a time” will work absolutely fine. Otherwise you could come up with a potentially humorous opening such as, “Haulage companies have the best Christmas parties, because”. The next player will have to add a line and the process continues until you have a complete story.


People employed by haulage companies may experience feelings of isolation and depression. This is partly because of the mundanity of daily tasks and partly because they have to spend long periods away from friends and family. However, it is possible to lighten the mood by playing positive thinking games such as “Fortunately-Unfortunately”. In this game the players have to positively reverse negative statements. So one player could say, “We have hours of this journey left”; the next player responds by naming the great food they’ll enjoy at the end of the day. It’s kind of like a “glass half empty/glass half full” scenario.

Biggest Smallest

The simplest games are often the most enjoyable. This statement holds true for “Biggest-Smallest”. One player names a particularly tiny object they can see – this could be a road sign or an animal in a farmer’s field. The next player has to follow up by finding and naming a gigantic object in the same category. You might well be surprised at the range of items that are named and it certainly keeps the mind active and engaged – very important for staying alert on the road.