Website hosting comes in many forms in that you can have one of several hosting plans to choose from. Shared hosting is perhaps the most popular because it’s very inexpensive and easy to get the hang of including the control panel that comes with it. You have to bear in mind though that with cost saving comes less options in terms of functionality. This may be a problem for a lot of individuals but if you happen to be looking for a server hosting plan which offers a bit more bang for your buck you may want to consider getting a virtual private server or VPS hosting as it is known.


The way VPS hosting operates is by way of virtualisation which means that full customization can be given to each account holder even though they share the same dedicated server. It is in many ways just like having your own dedicated server plan but on a much smaller scale and with it a much smaller price as well. There are usually only a handful of account holders on each server using VPS hosting but each account is handled independently from one another.

As all account holders are still on the same server the memory and processor are all still shared but unlike a shared hosting server the fact that there are only a few people on it as opposed to hundreds or even thousands can make a real difference to the speed and security of your website.

Seeing as you have root access to the server this allows you to customise your VPS hosting account in many ways including the installation of your own software applications. So if you’re looking for a hosting plan which offers a little more versatility at an affordable price then VPS hosting is certainly a server hosting plan you should think of using.

With regards the price, a good way of calculating the different types of hosting plans is to think of the cost in quarters.Fully dedicated plans on the other hand will usually cost around $160 a month although you may find plans which is slightly cheaper but not by much.

How VPS Hosting Really Stands Out  One point you should realise is that a VPS hosting plan is pretty much the same as you’d find on a shared hosting plan as far as the control panel goes but with the root access element you do need to know a bit more about server side management. You don’t have to bother with this aspect if you don’t want to customize the server at all. A lot of individuals just enjoy the fact that they have additional bandwidth and space along with improved security. If you do want to customize your server though and your experience is limited then I must stress that you opt for a manage server package as opposed to an unmanaged plan. It may cost a little more but the hosting provider will handle a lot of the work that goes into running the server. In fact I would suggest, whether you have advanced skills or not you should always opt for a managed server anyway. This is because there is a lot that can go wrong with servers and they are a pain in the neck to keep updated and in check. For most account holders the added hassle of managing their own server isn’t really worth it for them.

Overall though, VPS hosting is the best type of intermediate server hosting plan you can have as it is able to handle larger websites with more complex functionality and can handle larger amounts of traffic without too much cause for concern. There are also usually several levels of VPS hosting in case you need to upgrade at a later date. This guarantees the smooth running and transfer of hosting plans if the needed arises.

If you’re looking for a hosting package to meet your current needs make sure you check out VPS hosting because it might be just the right ticket for you.