Cloud computing and hosting is a major trend these days and it’s only increasing in size the more years go on. The key is to find a way to benefit from the trend rather trying to find it. You really need to focus on this or you will be in danger of being left behind and out competed by businesses that do use it.  Here are a few ideas to help you get ahead using this trend.

Storage and Travel

If your small business has any travel component to it at all, then it can be hard since you have a limited number of employees to handle all operations. If you need to travel somewhere, then you’re going to want to be able to operate the whole show from the road. The problem is that you can’t really take your home business computer with you on the road since it’s likely to be a big desktop. And you won’t be able to necessarily transfer all of the files over to your laptop or mobile device if they are too extensive. As a result, you really need a way to access your files no matter what device you’re using to do so. And in order to do this, you’re going to want to use cloud computing. Using cloud computing means that all of your files will automatically update on the cloud regardless of whether you access them with your computer, your desktop, your smartphone, or anything else.

How To Use Cloud Computing To Make Your Business Soar


Cloud computing also makes it so that you can collaborate with other employees even while on the road, or even if they all live in different countries. If you have one big project file that you need to use and work on, but have other people work on too, cloud computing can make this much easier. This occurs because cloud services will allow one person to upload a new version of the project file, and then automatically save this new version to the synced files of everyone on the network.  This can save a tremendous amount of time and really make everyone’s life much easier.


If you have a business that’s more in the medium range, and you have a significant number of employees, one thing that employees really like is BYOD iniatives. This stands for “Bring Your Own Device.” So instead of using company issued devices to work, they can use whatever device they want. In order to accommodate this though, you really need cloud computing solutions. IN particular, you should use Hipaa cloud hosting approved services, since these tend to be the most secure due to the Hipaa guideline that makes for a higher standard for privacy. The reason why this can help your business is because you will attract more employees with better skills to your company. Your employees will also be happier if they can operate under BYOD guidelines, because it makes them feel like they have more control in general. Plus they will be likely to operate more efficiently sine they know their own device better than any you can provide. But security of your files demands that you make sure any sensitive information is still stored on secure cloud services instead of on employee devices. They can simply use the device to login, but even if the device is lost or stolen, the information will remain inaccessible to anyone who tries to steal it.

Overall, cloud computing and clouding can be a great opportunity for smaller businesses to use in order to thrive in the online market.