Staying healthy doesn’t need to be a financial burden.  It’s all about the budget!  Put together a weekly budget of all of your healthy lifestyle needs, and see what works for you.  Here are some ways to jump-start your savings.

Spend the Bulk of your Grocery Budget on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Around 46.5 million recipients received food stamps as of September 2014.  Whether or not you are part of the population who receives assistance, budget your weekly grocery bill correctly.

Depending on how many people you are responsible for feeding in your household, budgets will undoubtedly vary.  Plan meals ahead of time, and take allergies, intolerances, and dislikes into consideration.  Pre-planning meals will help you to create shopping lists that you will not stray from.

Try to ensure you are spending the bulk of your budget on fresh fruits and vegetables.  The cheapest vegetables to buy include cauliflower, cabbage, celery, sweet potatoes, and lettuce, all of which are abundant in nutritional value.

How To Stay Healthy On A Budget

Save on Health Insurance

Do your research when it comes to health insurance.  Are you currently on the package that best fits your financial situation?  Use the aca subsidies calculator to see if you are eligible for any subsidies on your insurance.

The worst thing you could do to yourself and to your family is to not be insured.  Even if you feel that the risk of getting sick is low, you never know.  It’s better to save on it or receive a subsidy rather than to risk living without health insurance.

Skip the Gym

Even though the idea of attending group classes at a gym is enticing, or the endless array of treadmills is desirable, skip the gym.  You can get just as fit at home.

Exercising on a budget is as simple as not spending any money, period.  Use the Internet to find different exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your own home that require the use of your own body weight.

Buying free weights or body weights can be expensive.  Use household items such as gallons of water or laundry detergent instead.

Your body will thank you, and so will your bank book.

Buy Generic Instead of Branded

When you visit the local pharmacy or supermarket, you’ll undoubtedly see the names of shelf medications you’ve grown to rely on.

We have somehow been conditioned to think that generic brands are inferior to brand name items.  Multiple studies disprove this myth.  The next time you’re in need of vitamins or medication to assist your health, search or ask for the generic brand to save a lot of money.

Your health is the most important thing you have.  Take care of your body, but don’t make your wallet suffer.  There are many ways to save while staying healthy.  Keep a log of all the ways you’re saving, and share it with a friend, family member, or co worker.  We guarantee they’ll thank you!