As of now the technological world is being lead ahead by Apple as it seems to be continuously developing the latest and the greatest of gadgets and marketing them. However something so happened that it made the developers of Apple unhappy as it endangers their control over their valuable devices like the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The process is the jailbreaking process. The jailbreaking process is a process where the restrictions placed by Apple on their products is removed and hence the owner of the device is able to download apps, software and other content from sites other than the Apple store. In short, jailbreaking threatens the monopoly of Apple on its own devices.

How To Spy On An iPhone Without Jailbreaking

As jailbreaking is beneficial to the user of Apple products, it could prove to be a hindrance also. Hence parents with kids who own an iPhone want to keep a track of their children’s devices but do not want to compromise with the jailbreaking issue as it could prove to be a problem for their kids. Thanks to mSpy-No jailbreak solution parents now have the availability of an iPhone spyware which enables them to monitor their kids device without jailbreaking it.

Following is the step by step process which will help you spy on your child’s iPhone with an iPhone spyware without jailbreaking it:

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is install the mSpy iPhone spyware and just follow the steps at

iCloud id for iPhone spyware without jailbreaking: it is vital to know that the iCloud credentials is a must for monitoring an Apple device without jailbreaking for which it might become necessary to access the iPhone target device.

Choose features: Once you have purchased the iPhone spyware and it is up and running you simply have to select the features you would like to access while monitoring the target device with the iPhone spyware without jailbreaking it. These features include:

  • Access to contacts: The entire contact son the target phone can be browsed by the user of the iPhone spyware.
  • Access to the call logs: the incoming and outgoing calls can also be tracked upon by the user.
  • Access to text messages: all the incoming and outgoing IOS messages can be tracked along with the multimedia exchanged through them.
  • Access to the browser history: the sites visited by the target devices can be spied upon by the user.
  • Access to the installed applications: the applications installed on the target device can be monitored by the user.
  • Access to the instant messaging services like whatsapp and Facebook messenger

The user of the iPhone spyware now has to fill in a few details in the wizard setup and then can log in to the control panel which is enabled to view and monitor the activities on the target phone.

The above are the simple steps to be taken to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking and obtain peace of mind.