Breakfast need not be boring anymore because you can easily make great sandwiches a part of your daily ritual as well.

There is a reason why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day — it is the start that is required for a healthy metabolism which can go a long way in ensuring a healthy mind as well as body. However, there are so many people who skip their breakfast — busy schedules, untimely deadlines and lethargy are the main causes behind this terrible decision. Moreover, children too, tend to leave their breakfast uneaten if they are served the same items for breakfast on a daily basis.

How To Prepare Healthy Breakfast In 10 Minutes

How does one cope with the pressure of the ‘times’ and also maintain a healthy lifestyle? Well, we suggest you look at the option of including healthy sandwiches in your daily breakfast. Sandwiches are fast and easy to make, you can incorporate a variety of food items to make them interesting and all you need is a little prep and an efficient breakfast sandwich maker. The Singer sandwich maker is one such option for you.

How to Prepare a Healthy Breakfast in 10 Minutes?

Do Your Prep

Even if you are very tired after a long day at work, make sure that you do your breakfast prep before hitting the bed. For example, if you want to make a lettuce and cheese sandwich using your Singer sandwich maker in the morning; simply cut up the lettuce and bag it in a zip-lock pouch. The leaves will remain fresh and all you have to do in the morning is use good quality cheese and tomatoes (do not cut tomatoes and bag them) and the cut-up lettuce and voila, your breakfast sandwich will be ready within minutes.

Keep your Breakfast Sandwich Maker Clean

You may want to do the dishes ‘later’ but if you do not have the right accessories for making your breakfast sandwich, chances are you will not get around to making it. Clean the breakfast sandwich maker after using it. This will ensure its longevity as well!

Get Creative

Do not just make the same old tomato-onion-cheese sandwich — unleash your creativity for a healthy as well as exciting breakfast sandwich. For example, you can leftover dinner items and incorporate them into your breakfast sandwich. All you need to do is place the leftover ‘paneer bhurji’ between two slices of whole-wheat bread. You can cheese or butter the slices of bread as well. Once the sandwich has been grilled in the sandwich maker you can add some fresh coriander to the sandwich for extra taste.

Complement Your Breakfast Sandwich

Instead of reaching for the cup of black coffee every morning, why don’t you try ginger-lemon-honey water? This concoction is brilliant for the digestive system and your throat and skin as well. Along with a great sandwich, this drink will surely charge you up for your long day ahead.

A good quality breakfast sandwich maker is an essential addition to a busy household. You can use it daily and for special occasions as well such as birthday parties for kids where sandwiches make for a great treat. So, we suggest that you ahead and invest in one such as the Singer sandwich maker for both great quality and long-lasting service.