People start ageing from the minute they are born. It is inevitable and is a lifelong process. You simply cannot escape it, and it is something that we do not have control over. Many people notice that they are ageing only when those first few wrinkles appear. Those first few wrinkles are enough to give them a hard jolt to reality. Have we been taking care of ourselves enough? Well, while a majority of the effects of ageing are something that we do not have control over, there are a few things that are actually in our control. Wrinkles are one such thing that is actually in our control to a great extent. Some of us wrinkle prematurely, mainly due to stress. There are a quite a number of things that we can do about our wrinkles. Here are some tried and tested methods that have been used over the years to keep those wrinkles at bay.

How To Keep Those Wrinkles At Bay

Cosmetic Injections

Let us start with the most extreme end of the spectrum. Thanks to the development in the world of cosmetic medicine, there are cosmetic injections that are designed specifically to treat wrinkles. Wrinkle injections Sydney have become quite a popular option among the young and the old alike in the recent past. These injections have proven to be very safe and minimally invasive, making them a popular choice of fighting wrinkles. Speak to a dermatology consultant before you get any wrinkle injection in order to be sure that there are no adverse side effects.

Protect from Sun

Continued over exposure to sunlight is another reason why wrinkles appear prematurely. Protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun is something that we can easily do. The first step is most probably to purchase an umbrella. Many people use umbrellas only for rainy occasions, but they are great at safeguarding you from the sunlight. You could also buy a good sunscreen. Make sure that you cover your eyes behind sunglasses at all times when you are walking in the sun. This will definitely help keep those crow’s feet at bay.


Antioxidants are a food group that has various health benefits and fighting against wrinkles is one such benefit. Sunlight causes the skin pigments to create free radicals, which are very volatile and unstable. These help in the creation of wrinkles. Antioxidants help neutralise these free radicals and will, in turn, help delay the formation of wrinkles. How do you get your intake of antioxidants? Well, it is simple enough. Antioxidants are found in most fruits and vegetables. Your daily requirement of antioxidants can be approximately met if you consume five portions of different fruits or vegetables. You can not only get antioxidants through food, but also in skin ointments and creams as well.

Essential Oils

Your skin requires essential oils to keep it looking young and supple. Most of us today work in air-conditioned environments. Such type of environment is not exactly conducive for the production of essentials oils in our skin. You should always seek to find ways in which you can nourish your skin with these essential oils in order to keep it wrinkle free. One solution is to massage your skin with omega 3 oil once a day. Another is to perform vitamin E treatments.

Control Your Facial Expressions

Your facial expressions play a big part in those lines and wrinkles that appear on your face. Long-term repetition of certain facial expressions result in lines and grooves that are later difficult to get rid of. People who frown more and those who are stressed out are those that have the most amount of premature wrinkles. It is scientifically proven that it takes more facial muscles to frown than it takes to smile. The obviousness of smiling is all the more apparent in this research finding. Certain facial expressions such as raised eyebrows also create wrinkles. This is something that you need to control yourself. Every time that you feel like raising your eyebrows, make an effort to avoid it.

How To Keep Those Wrinkles At Bay

Quit Smoking

Smoking is another reason for premature wrinkling of the face. The elasticity of our skin is due to a substance called collagen. Collagen can get damaged over time due to excessive smoking. The facial movement associated with smoking, such as pursing of lips and squinting could also lead of premature wrinkling.