Time and again, companies are asking us about concepts to increase their sales of social media marketing. In the following blog article, we would like to show you what you as a managing director or marketing manager can realistically expect from a social media strategy and how you can improve your sales opportunities.

Many social media agencies advertise that social media contributes to company growth and/or revenue growth. This is only partly true as social media can contribute to an increased awareness of your company but not directly increase sales. What social media can do in any case, however, are revenue opportunities. These opportunities arise by someone reacting to your posts in the social networks and thus reaching their website. Now you are on the train. It is up to you to turn this opportunity into a sale with the help of your website, your great products, and your fantastic service offer. Your Twitter account or your Facebook page, etc. have done their job – they have helped you get this opportunity. So let’s take a closer look at what social media marketing can do.

How To Improve Your Sales With Social Media Marketing?

The community

A poster or article in a magazine cannot develop an active, committed community. Only social media has the potential to bring together loyal fans, customers, business friends and other interested parties in one place. This community shares your successes, product innovations or industry news in the social networks.

If you like a company, you will often be a fan of the relevant Facebook page. The more intensively you get in contact with these people through the social networks, the more possibilities of communication will open up with the times. For example, you can personally get to know a fan of your Facebook page at an event or trade fair, or the communication moves from Twitter to direct e-mail contact. Visit this page.

Develop content

If you have an active community, your fans and followers share content, click “Like”, favor or tweet on Twitter. If you take a look at the statistics, you will find that some of your posts have developed worse than others because they were shared less frequently. If your content does not match what your target audience is expecting, you should take this feedback seriously and correct your future content strategy! In this way, you can easily develop ideas for new content and find out where your fans, followers, and customers will find the content they particularly like.


Of course, social media is also the place where you have to deal with the positive and negative feedback from your customers. Can your community have questions about your products/services?


Social media is only effective if it is operated with patience and a clearly defined goal but that also means: Do you have realistic expectations for everyone in your company – whether it is the management, marketing department or the social media team. Check your social media marketing strategy. Visit this page. Our free Whitepaper “Quick Check Social Media” shows you how you can optimize your social media campaigns and how you can integrate social media into your online marketing.