Developing good hits could be as simple as exercising in front of the mirror. In this case, we may point our tows forward and hang our arms loosely downward. It is also a good idea to place our feet about 15 inches apart. Now, we can imagine having a solid steel rod that runs through our body, from the head, down through our spine and finally to the floor. Now, we need to rotate our body on the imaginary steel rod. This allows us to develop proper swinging motions and we can practice this until it is permanent. Regardless of what we do, we shouldn’t let our body sway.

The next step is to bring our arms to the sides and bend them at the elbows. We should make sure that our hands can face upwards and continue to turn. We could also ensure our elbows tucked in and touch the side of our body. We could straighten our arms in front of us, as our body is turning. Then, we need to extend our right arm to the front and have our palms facing upwards. In this case, we may pretend that we are begging for coins. We should ensure that our elbows can stay closer to our sides. We could do clenched fist as our hands for toward the mirror. It is important to remember that our power comes from our body mass and the twist of our body should be considered as the propulsion. If we are able to practice this, we should have proper basics of a good hit.

The defense position is important for any boxers and we could set our feet about 15 inches forward with our toes pointing toward the mirror. Our feet should be able to act as a solid anchor, because our body could be subjected to repeated jabs, hooks and uppercuts. We should place our hands around the chin and make sure that we can cover our face quickly enough moments before a hit strikes.

It is also important to master the ducking movement by standing in front of the mirror. Ducking is an essential evasion movement, which allows us to perform quick counter-attacks. Again, we should set our feet about 15 inches apart with toes pointing toward the mirror. Hands can be on the chest level. However, we should be aware that when ducking, boxers could expose much of their face, especially the ears. A strong blow to the ear can be somewhat disastrous. In this case, we should always keep our chin down, even when we are looking at the mirror. However, it could be rather difficult to launch a sudden counter-attack if we have our chin down.

Any successful boxers know how to clinch, because this movement can protect themselves. In addition, effective clinching may drain our opponent’s energy. Clinching could also prevent non-stop barrage of punches. In this case, we should immediately get close to our opponent and quickly run our arms down his shoulders.