Health issue like diabetes and cardiovascular problems are starting to penetrate in our lives like a virus and these are affecting the lives of your younger generation too .these diseases are caused due to unhealthy lifestyle , Note being active or being over weight . provides you’re with the best tips on how to help your children stay healthy and away from these diseases

The real question is, what can the parent do and how can they contribute?

The simple answer to this is by doing some simple lifestyle changes like helping your child be active everyday, keeping a watch on what the child is consuming and keeping a track of their intakes.

How To Help Children Stay Healthy

Sugar and fat are the two major culpritswhich increase obesity in children. Limiting their sugar intake and fate consumption can make a major difference in the well being of the child

Parents are Childs role models. Being a good role model and passing good habits should be the responsibility of the parent. Making the child learn by being an example is the best way.

The child should be told to incorporate healthy activities in their lifestyle in order to be active and healthy

 Fun Activities

The child can be active by indulging in activities like bike riding, dancing, swimming, skating, jumping orrunning. 


The kid must get at least 60 minutes of activity each day. It’snot important that the activity should be in one stretch. It can be broken down into 20 minutes 3 times a day.

Being active helps the overall health of the kid by building muscle and burning of excess fat. Improving flexibility and growing strong bones, helps the child feel good about themselves and sleep better

How To Help Children Stay Healthy

Foods for the Kids

Eating right is another important factor that should be kept in mind when talking about the Childs health. Making the right food choice is an important factor. Communicating with the kid about what they think is good for them and their health and building good food habits in them is important.

Every child should opt for foods that are high in fiber like rice, lentils, beans, fruits and vegetables.

Intake of calcium in foods like milk, curd etc.

How To Help Children Stay Healthy

They should be told to eat baked, boiled or grilled foods rather than fried foods.

Eating foods that are low in salt help them maintain their blood pressure.

How To Help Children Stay Healthy

kids like easy healthy snacks and are hungry most of the time so opting for healthy snacks that are good for them is a great option suggest foods like  toast with peanut butter , Flavored non fat yogurt and carrot with salsa are a kid friendly option . Follow the above to keep your child healthy and active throughout their lifetime. For further tips check out write-ups by health content writers at