Anywhere you do business, whether online or offline, there will always be some bad competitors who are trying to damage your reputation. There are many cases of business people that have been attacked by their competitors and couldn’t recover from the reputation damage. As a result, they go bankrupt and out of business. Believe it or not, such competitors exist in the middle of your affairs. So, beware of their nasty move to crush your business and shatter your reputation. Here are some tips to handle bad competitors who are trying to damage your reputation:

1.Hire An Administrator For Your Website

If you have an interactive website, you should hire an administrator for your website to minimize bad comments about your brand or product.You can’t let those comments to be accepted automatically. Remember that people are not going to write only good comments about your website. They will also write bad comments that will damage your reputation. Some of them will be the agents of your competitors. So, be sure to have an administrator in place. You need him to monitor the comments and publish only good comments for your website.

2.Hire A Good Law Advisor

If you have big business, it is better for you to hire a good law advisor to prevent the reputation damage that might happen in your product or brand. This law advisor will give you a good advice about what to do to restore your reputation back when it is damaged by your competitors. Also, he will give you a good advice regarding what you should do to fight back. Hiring a good law advisor might be suitable only if you have a big business. If you still have a small business, you might want to skip this step.

3.Monitor Your Reputation Online

Get professional help from a reputation management company to ensure daily monitoring of changes in search results that may affect your reputation. This monitoring process is very important to ensure a strong reputation for your product or brand. By using a reliable reputation management service, you can fix your reputation damage as soon as possible by eliminating the source of the damage. Yes, you will be able to know exactly the source of your reputation damage so that you can investigate it quickly and solve it right away.

4.Address The False Rumor To Your Customers

When you’re experiencing a serious reputation damage of your brand or product, it might be good for you to address the issue to your customers so that they won’t get carried away by the false rumor regarding your brand or product. Tell your customers that all the negative comments are not correct. Tell them that you’re trying to improve your business so that it can bring greater value to your customers. Finally, tell your customers to send any questions, concerns, or feedbacks regarding your product to your customer service department. Tell them that you’re going to solve any issue regarding your product or brand as soon as possible. Remember to address the issue in the most professional way.

5. Make The Negative Feedbacks Dissipate

Another way to defend your reputation if it is already damaged by your competitors is by making the negative feedbacks dissipate by either ignoring them or making fun of them.Well, it might not suit your taste, but it will be a good way to make those negative feedbacks disappear very quickly. If you act as if you’re not affected in any way by those negative feedbacks, then your customers will assume that they are indeed insignificant for you/. Thus, they don’t want to make a big fuss about it either. By giving no comment or by giving funny remarks, you can defend your company reputation in the most elegant way.

Those are some tips to handle bad competitors who are trying to damage your reputation.

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