When we talk about plant-based medicines, it is easy to assume that we need to drink some specially-prepared concoctions. In reality, it is possible to add some medicines into our food. There are things we can do to achieve healthy body through food. As an example, beet tips are widely known for their blood purifying properties. Celery can also help to rejuvenate highly active athletes with immense results.

Celery-filled salad can be among the most cooling thing we eat throughout the day, especially after an arduous day. Another cooling food is cucumbers that are rich in sodium.

How To Eat And Heal Ourselves

We should add more leeks in our food if we want to drive out germs that infect our body. Its effect is comparable to garlic, which is known for its ability to kill unwanted microorganisms. If we want to get rid our body of catarrh, we should consider eating more onions. Chest conditions can also be alleviated with onion packs. Lemon juice is considered as a powerful antiseptic and we should drink it after a meal, to soothe sore throat.

Lettuce should be a way to help us sleep soundly and deal with mild cases of insomnia. Any dish with extra lettuce in it can provide us with an opium-like chemical that keeps us relaxed without the harmful addictive effect.

Mushrooms are known for their healing properties and we should add them in our dishes. Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake are rich in germanium and other elements. Because they can rejuvenate our cells, mushrooms are excellent for people who are recovering from sickness. Nuts are also high in zinc and manganese; which are useful for people with glands-related problems, such as prostate disorders.

It is a good idea to eat papaya after a meal to help us digest food better. It also contains compounds that can breakdown any toxic protein deposits for easy disposals. Papaya and pineapple are known for its ability to metabolize proteins.

Instead of eating unhealthy snacks in front of TV, we should consider choosing pumpkin seeds. Roasted, slightly salted pumpkin seeds can provide us with plenty of terrific protein to eliminate unwanted bugs in our body. It could also support our glands. People with catarrhal or gallbladder conditions should consider adding more radishes in their meal.

Horseradish is also good for people who want to clear their stuffy nose. Berries are known as providers of powerful antioxidants, especially those with deep purple color. We could add berries in our desserts and cakes. It is also a good idea to drink berries juice or eat it as snack, while we are watching TV or working on the front of computer. Cherry pies can help us prevent anemia due to its rich iron content.

Tomatoes are common ingredients in our food and it can help us combat effects of bad cholesterol, the LDL. According to researches, lycopene in tomatoes can protect our arteries, brain and heart. There are many foods based on tomatoes, such as tomato soup and pasta.

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