The use of freight services is not a new practice. A lot of people would employ different types of cargo shipping services, with ships and animal driven carts the most prominent ones in history. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution and growing technological knowledge, the emergence of railway networks, roadways and finally airline services all became involved in this industry.  

How to Choose the Ideal Freight Service

With trains and trucks becoming a part of every shipping service’s fleet, the circulation of fast cargo services was limited to just domestic territories. However, with the launch of air freight and shipping, international cargo services also became a prevalent mode of cargo transport.

Nowadays, there are various types of cargo that are listed according to size, packaging, and the location it needs to be delivered to. Reputed logistic companies like TCIL offer versatile services and express packaging with active tracking of your freight, making it a safe and secure affair.

Therefore, here is a comprehensive list of freight services that will help you choose better the next time you want avail cargo services.


The most modern type of cargo service that exists, air freight services are the quickest and most reliable form of cargo transport that is employed today. Mostly used for international travel, the idea for transporting cargo by air was conceived in the early 1900s.

Over the years, companies started recruiting passenger aeroplanes and converting them to freight carriers. Now, a lot of planes carry heavy duty packages like rockets, automobile spare parts and military equipment. Other features like GPS tracking, active freight desks and 24×7 helplines ensure full customer support. However, it is not feasible for short-range deliveries and is preferred mostly for longer distance travels like between cities and countries.


The oldest mode of cargo transport-ships have been used to transport different kinds of consignments for as long as one can remember. Coastal shipping services nowadays can hold the heaviest payloads when compared to other freight transport options. It is also the slowest, and therefore is not used for express shipping but for huge shipments that cannot be transferred any other way.


Starting around the 1800s, railway is the only mode of freight transport that was designed solely for cargo transportation and then was adapted for passenger travel. In its early days, the network would utilise trains which would travel important market places to transport goods for trade. It is still preferred for the transportation of heavy duty material, but only domestically. Very few railway networks have border access, with a few European and Asian countries relaxing their diplomatic stance for the betterment of their economies.


The development of roads in countries connected a lot of cities to each other and it was further supplemented by the use of cars, buses and trucks for a lot of different uses. One of them was short range transportation of cargo. Trucks and vans have been the lifeline for freight services for many years and it has also been improved over the years with faster trucks, technological advancements like live tracking express delivery systems!