The art of giving a gift has not been lost. Many people are still giving thoughtful gifts; although it takes a little thought and determination to give a thoughtful gift, that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. There are several ways you can go about ensuring that the gift you give is well-loved and well-thought out. Whether you’re giving a Christmas gift, something for graduation, or a “just because” gift, follow these tips.

Find Out What They Want

One of the best ways you can give a gift that will warm the heart is to simply give the person in question something you know they’ll love. This is important, as many feel that the gifts they have actually asked for are more thoughtful and more personal than anything else. There are several ways to find out what people actually want for their gifts. From wish lists on several popular shopping sites to gift registries at stores, people are able to easily tell you what they want.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to purchase something from a wish list or gift registry. In some cases, the items on the list may be too expensive or something that simply won’t do for the occasion. While many people feel that purchasing from these lists is the best way to give a thoughtful gift, it can also be detrimental to the purchaser’s pocket book. It’s ok to purchase off-list, but keep in mind the types of things that were listed.

How To Be The Most Thoughtful Gift-Giver Ever

Get it Personalized

These days, you can personalize almost anything. Whether you’re purchasing a journal for a coworker’s birthday, jewelry for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, or Christmas ornaments for the holiday season, there are many websites and stores available to assist you with the personalization process. You can personalize your gift with a name, quote, or anything else that’s significant to the person you’re buying it for. Personalizing an item helps ensure that it is seen as a truly thoughtful and memorable gift by your lucky recipient. Personalized gifts are great for any event or occasion, and are sure to be well received by men, women, and children alike. From a child’s birth to a wedding anniversary, personalized gifts are a great way to show someone you care.

Consider Past Gifts

Think about what your friends or loved ones have received and loved in the past. While you don’t want to duplicate a present, it will be seen as extremely thoughtful to give a gift that you know they’ll love – without them having to ask. Remembering things like a favorite color or animal shows that you pay attention to the person in question, and that you have taken their interests into consideration. This is important in relationships of any kind, and translates well to thoughtful gift-giving.

Give Something Usable

A gift that will be used is a gift that will be cherished. Giving your recipient something he or she will actually use regularly is possibly the best type of gift to give. This also shows that you pay attention to them, and you are aware of their likes and needs. With usable gifts, you’ll be remembered every time your item is put to use. There are a variety of gifts that fall into this category, though the perfect item is entirely dependent upon the person who will receive it. You could consider kitchen accessories, books, or items that have to do with their favorite hobby.

Look for Luxuries

Do you know that your mom would never spend the money to get a massage, because she thinks it’s a luxury that she can live without? If so, a gift card for a massage would be a great gift. Giving gifts that your recipients normally wouldn’t purchase for themselves is a great way to show your loved ones that you care and are thinking about them. Make sure that the gift is related to something that they are interested in, otherwise it won’t appear nearly as thoughtful.

When getting gifts for friends and family, it’s important that you buy gifts that will be loved. All you need to do to ensure that you get the perfect present is consider your recipients’ likes and interests, and purchase something that they will appreciate. Put some thought into your gift-giving, and you’ll never have to worry about the perfect present again.