So you’re thinking of a career in racing? There is no need to be rich or have the right connections. All you need is a bit dedication and some commitment.  A real racer would rather spend another evening mastering his or her mechanical skills than sitting on the couch with a bag of chips. You have to sacrifice a secure, well-paid job and even a stable relationship if you wish to become a successful race car driver.

If you cannot imagine your life without taking risks and adrenaline, then you should try racing. Remember that you will be a racer if you really want to become one. I cannot promise you will be a NASCAR or Formula 1 racer, but you will be a racer on other events.

Below you will find a list of qualifications and necessary career steps of a race car driver:

Passion and Professionalism

To be successful you need to have a lot of dedication and stay professional no matter what.

You must remember that this is what you want and this is what you chose. Sometimes you would need to drive all night and day, forget about your family and friends, just concentrate on your work.

Getting a career in racing is the same as starting your own business. It is risky, yet the rewards might be incredible. Before you start taking racing classes or buy a race car, you need to do your homework. Improve your mechanical and driving skills and try getting a job with the local race team. Try driving a race car before you decide to buy one. You can even take a course to know more about auto mechanics. You also need to learn more about race car preparation.

Find your Team

Look for racing teams in your city, some of them may need a pair of extra hands. You can either volunteer with them or work for little money. You will learn how to sort and change tires, wash auto parts, and much more. This exclusive learning opportunity will be simply invaluable for you.

You can also apply to a training program with a big professional racing school. You need to get hands-on experience on driving and racing, but don’t expect the big-name school to hire you upon the completion of the course.

Plan your Finances

Don’t buy a race car right away. You need to get enough racing experience before you decide to get a car of your own. If you decide to buy a car for $10,000, make sure you have the same amount of money for car maintenance. You would also need to get a trailer and a tow truck. Try renting a car first, this way you will have a chance to decide whether racing is actually for you. You can participate in races with this car and see how well you manage a real race.

Choose a Race School

You need to start racing, no matter what you like to drive a V8 supercars, rally cars or forma cars. The best way to do it is to attend classes at any race school in your town. Do your research and choose the school that matches your criteria.