Dedicated web designers should work with their layouts like showing devotion to their lovers. They should spend plenty of time uncovering all details and try to make all kinds of possible improvements. Many Internet users feel angry, overwhelmed and leave the site, because some of the essential components don’t work properly. In this case, we should make sure that we could provide highly compelling experience. In fact, we design is often considered as a form of art and it should fit well with the whole design. In this case, people should react to website the way they see and enjoy art. Good visual experience with a website should be considered as an expectation.

In this case, we should consider ways to improve the website layout and makes it look vibrantly colourful or enjoyable. The colourful canvas of our website should also be treated like a real painting. If our website is designed to sell cars, we should make sure that people will automatically see that the cars in the images are honking their horns and they are sitting inside the car. Like artists, web designers should rop clues and leave any component of emotion or imagination. In this case, it is important to make sure that potential customers are seeing what they want to see.

Also like artists, web designers should gradually take on a new form in his works. There are things that they need to consider, such as whether the homepage should show everything at once. It is important to know whether it is necessary to offer gentle nudges or clever clues, if we want consumers to stay in the website. Eventually, website isn’t about showing messages as they are written or displayed; but also about experiencing them. In this case, we should know that webpages are able to do things properly. Webpage should be able to move the whole process forward.

Web designers must be able to guide users to important pages or products in the website, using subtle persuasion; instead of direct words and images. Thoughts should also be to give to human responses and whether we can provide the proper experience. As an example, Amazon is known for its persuasive techniques. As an example, the most prominent part of the website is the category section that could encourage people to read more about specific products. Many people visit Amazon simply for getting information about specific products and read reviews. Eventually, they could be encouraged to purchase these products.

As an example, Google is known for its simple and minimalistic interface. However, Google is able to bring all the good things about it to the surface. In this case, we could quickly get to most of its primary services, no navigation structure to learn and no extra clicks. Everything is on one page. Tasks are properly presented to ensure instant access. Users instantly know everything about Google and its various services.