One of the main considerations made before investing in LED digital signage components is their eco-friendly nature. Business owners make these considerations because they know that apart from being beneficial to nature, eco-friendly products ultimately prove to be better investments in the long-run.

LED digital signage components are beneficial to the environment in a number of ways but it is still important to ask questions before purchasing.

How LED Technology is Eco-friendly

High efficiency LEDs generally last up to 10 times longer than traditional light sources. This reduces waste.  Bulb units for instance will use more energy per watt. The heat they generate is also enough to cause them to malfunction. This makes sure they don’t compare favourably to LEDs.

Since LEDs last longer, fewer expired ones are thrown into landfills. There are equally decent production and transportation energy savings as fewer replacement lights need to be manufactured.  All of these help reduce the time and money put into the operation of the digital sign.

Consumption of Energy

LED digital signage solutions are continually making gains. The LEDs of today use less than half the energy of LEDs that were available three years ago. Additionally, manufacturers of these components have continuously effected changes that have led to a decrease in energy needs. Thanks to improving technologies, the maximum amps needed to operate the LED digital signage boards have been reduced by as much as 60%.

To make sure you are buying an energy efficient solution, focus on manufacturers that have been certified for energy efficiency. You should also focus on buying digital signage solutions that will not require air conditioners or heaters to work.  The solution should also feature automatic dimming in the evening and adjusted brightness during the day. All of these will contribute to the saving of energy.


Most of the LED digital signage solutions of today are designed for the long haul. This is easier on landfills and also cuts down on energy that would have otherwise been used to manufacture and transport replacements.  LED digital signs that feature a modular design can be efficiently maintained by changing the modules instead of replacing the complete sign.   Talk to manufacturers, discussing the conditions in your area. You also need to look for LED digital signage solutions that are encapsulated in silicone gel.


Most of the components that make up an LED digital signage solution can be harvested and recycled whenever you choose to retire the solution. Some of these components include aluminium, gold as well as polycarbonate plastic.  The manufacturing process itself features opportunities to reduce and recycle scrap straight from production.

With this, it is clear that LED Digital Signage solutions are not just eco-friendly but also a sound business investment.`