Many of us are regularly consuming black tea, but it is also essential to know about the health benefits of its unfermented cousin, green tea. We have often heard how green tea is so beneficial for our health. These claims are repeatedly proven by scientific studies. In many countries, cancer is among the leading causes of death. Green tea should provide us with the ability to prevent any kind of disease caused by free radicals. It may take a decade or more to develop cancer and it could be caused by poor lifestyle. Bad diet causes various problems and if you have good lifestyle, it is much less likely for you to acquire a specific kind of cancer. Green tea is a highly popular healthy beverage that provides chemical approach in preventing cancer. Among many people, tea is something that’s consumed in quantity, often only second to water. The huge benefit of tea already stands the test of time. Tea is proven for its efficacy and long term safety. The evergreen plant, Camellia sinensis, provides tea leaves that we can use at home.

The dried leaf of the plant should infused with enough hot water, so it yields the desired beverage. There are plenty of studies associated with green tea and the effect on preventing colon, prostate, breast and ovary cancer is quite clear. Tea contains enough polyphhenols and flavonoids that can provide us with the necessary and powerful antioxidant properties.  There are different mechanisms associated with green tea that can inhibit cancer. If you don’t have the time to consume enough tea to get the proper amount of polyphenols and flavonoids, then you should take them orally through pills. Polyphenol should provide enough capability to prevent the formation of tumor. Tests on mice that are vulnerable to cancer have showed that the polyphenols are enough to protect them against the development of cancer. The incidence of prostate and breast cancer on people could be significantly reduced, if the amount of polyphenol that we take is significant enough to make a big difference.

Studies also show that there is a two-fold reduction in the incidence of breast cancer when women drink green tea consistently. For men who drink three cups of green tea each day, there’s is also a significant reduction in the incidence of prostate cancer. For cancer survivors and high risk individuals, it is important that they consume enough positive substances that can prevent the rapid and uncontrolled growth of bad cells. It is clear that green tea should be safer than chemotherapeutic drugs and for people who are concerned about excessive caffeine, green tea should be quite safe. However, you should know that warfarin and other blood thinning medications could interact with green tea. You should also know that green tea has plenty of vitamin K, which can neutralize the necessary effects of warfarin. A cup of green tea should provide up to 150mg of polyphenols. It means that multiple cups of daily tea consumption should provide us with the needed benefits.