Believe it or not, there are things that you can do right now to save your business time and money without hiring any consultants or investing in any new technologies that you don’t happen to have. There is always a way to tighten the belt on your budget, and below are some techniques being used by Fortune 500 companies to maximize their potential.

 How Can You Save Your Business Time and Money?

Invest in Social Listening Technology

If you are looking to understand the trends in your industry, nothing is better than the technology of social listening. Combining the personal touch of social media marketing and the automation of customer relationship management, social listening gives you a real time portfolio of how people are responding to your marketing efforts. This is an especially important timesaver during periods of high turnover or during seasonal sales.

Synchronize Information and Passwords

There is nothing worse for your in-house IT department than having to waste time looking up a password for every computer in the office on a daily basis. If you synchronize all of the passwords in your internal systems, you will save your IT department the steps of finding individual passwords. Professionals, like those at LANDESK, realize that fast, secure, automated self-service password recovery is helpful when it comes to password reset requests. Maximizing the effectiveness of any business’ IT department is important. You can also limit the number of calls to the service desk in the first place. This means that your computer experts will be much more able to enhance your computer systems rather than putting out fires all the day long.

Treat Your Employees

Top companies such as Facebook and Google give their employees as little excuse to leave the office as possible. This is because an hour long outside lunch usually turns into an hour and 45 minutes outside of the office because of traffic and other various concerns and situations that crop up. The more food that you can bring into the office, the more time that your employees will spend in a productive space. If you invest in a snack machine, make sure that machine is not filled with sugary snacks and energy drinks. Although this may give a short-term boost to employees, the crash is much too heavy to increase productivity in the office. Keep snacks as healthy as possible.

Taking advantage of these kind of small steps can help improve your office productivity and save your business time and money at the same time. You should always look to the top companies in your industry for leads into how to be more cost and time effective. The differences in businesses are usually not very large, because it is the small details that make all of the difference.