A coach is responsible for making sure that his or her team is a successful one. If anything goes wrong, it is often easier to get rid of the coach than all of the players. Therefore, it is important that he or she has a strong team of assistants that will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

How Can Coaches Help Their Assistants Feel Passionate and Engaged?

Great Assistants Get Promoted

For many assistants, their dream is to get promoted to the head coaching position themselves. A coach can make sure that his or her assistants are engaged and passionate by preparing them for the next level. Whether the next step is a more prominent assistant role or a more lucrative job as the top coach, those who feel like they can move up are more likely to want to prove themselves where they are.

Make it about the Team

If the players aren’t allowed on the field unless they are all in, the coaches should not be allowed on the sidelines unless they are all in. An assistant who is not engaged is someone who may bring the entire team down. This is because players look up to their coaches, and they take their cues from them during practice and during games. Therefore, make sure that your assistants are setting a good example at all times.

Learn How to Manage Others

Like any other leadership job, the role of a coach is to understand what his or her people need to succeed. This may require you to get a master’s in coaching or in some related leadership field. Once you graduate, you will understand what it takes to guide your people from both a personal and professional vantage point.

Empower Your Assistants

It may be a good idea to let your assistant coaches run practice every so often or allow your offensive coach to call plays. By empowering your people, they feel like they are truly part of the team and part of why it is successful. As it also allows assistants to build their resume, they are more likely to try harder when they get to put their name on something.

It is critical that your assistant coaches feel empowered and motivated to do their jobs. Otherwise, they may become apathetic or quit even if they are good at what they do. To keep your top people in place and producing to the best of their abilities, you need to know how to inspire them and make them want to give you 100 percent each day.