Crucial to the construction of safe structures that comply with code regulations is proper planning and use of resources that meet national safety standards.

There are a wide variety of services offered to help architects and other design and construction professionals solve problems, reference important information, and deliver safe, code compliant structures. These services are valuable since they can significantly reduce the time you spend

Qualified Contractor Database

Architects, building owners, and other kinds of structural decision makers will of course need the services of contractors, but how do you make sure you are getting contractors who practice properly and according to regulations. Finding a contractor who is qualified for firestop and spray applied fire resistive materials can be quite difficult. Architectural services providers can make finding the contractor you need much easier by providing you with a database of screened contractors.

How Architectural Services Can Help You

Field Equipment and Installation Evaluations

A good field evaluation will make sure that certified equipment is used on site and is installed according to code. This type of architectural service will help you use your newly installed equipment and fixtures according to all local regulations. Also, the technician on site overseeing this process will act as a liaison between the construction project and the authorities. This will include proving all licenses and certifications are valid, and answering any questions pertaining to the equipment. Common items installed in structures that can benefit from this type of service are automated assembly or packaging equipment, industrial control panels (also known as ICP), signs and display cabinets, robotics, switchboards or control centers, HVAC, food service equipment and commercial ranges, and semiconductor fabrication machinery just to name some.

Certification of Alarm Systems

This service can grant peace of mind to those overseeing a building project, and to the authorities in the area that must ensure all construction meets fire safety standards. Typically, alarm system certification service providers can help you design according to standards from the beginning of the project, or help you retrofit an existing structure to meet the fire safety standards.

Technical Library for Architects

Architectural service providers offer a range of resources for architects, specifiers, and installers. There are databases with nearly 2000 fire rated designs that architects can search through and print out for their own uses. There are technical libraries that provide detailed information for a whole host of subjects relevant to the working architect. Topics like flammability ratings, carbon monoxide alarms, elevator certifications, and residential sprinklers can all be researched in the technical library of a proper architectural service offering package.

Helping Architects Build Green for a Better Tomorrow

Contemporary designers and architects are more conscientious about their structure’s impact on the land, community, wildlife, and resources we all rely on, and architectural services can help make that a much easier and affordable task. Architectural services like can provide architects and designers with information on new products and building techniques that are more sustainable and responsible than what was conventionally used. When “green” decisions are supported by best practices, technical research, and expert consultation, they help make ecological decisions into good business decisions as well. Ultimately, that is what has to be done in order to transform the way things businesses view their role as a responsible steward of the planet and as a responsible business for investors. Furthermore, when customers learn more about the value of sustainability and why it is so necessary, they begin seeking out products and companies they can trust to be ecologically responsible. In a way, green buildings can become a sort of value add to companies, and architectural services are key to helping you capture that value.