We all know about Hero and Honda being together before annulling their relationship a few years ago; before the annulment of this strong partnership splendor and passion ruled the two-wheeler market. But after their split, Honda started making its own motorcycles and the latest one by Honda is the Honda Livo. This is a perfect bike for the youth and aims at the younger generation, especially those who have just started riding the two-wheelers. The Honda Livo is for those who are conscious about fuel usage and at the same time who want something stylish. This latest bike by Honda is a premium bike with 110 cc mileage and its stylish appearance is one big reason for its popularity amongst the two-wheeler lovers.

Livo and its features

  • The design and its build- The Honda Livo has a stylish design, which looks quite youthful. This bike is nothing like the other bikes, it looks quite refreshing and good; it has a headlamp which looks inspired by Honda Unicorn. Along with the headlamp, there is also the headlight which has air ducts. The windscreen of the Livo is black and the fuel tank comes with the Honda logo. All in all the motorcycle is quite attractive and the material which is used to make the bike is of a high quality.
  • The engine of the bike and its performance- The engine in this latest motorbike by Honda is the same as most of the previous bikes by Honda. It gives a fairly decent performance and also makes Livo one of the best 110cc bikes to ride in the market. The engine is so good that it makes riding this bike on roads with potholes quite easy. The gear is also good and can be easily switched from one to another. For highways and for traveling on bumpy roads, this bike is just perfect.
  • The ride- Driving a Honda Livo would give one a comfortable feeling, even at a higher speed. It is better than the Yuga by Honda and has till date got positive feedback. It has the brake like all the bikes these days, while the tires are tubeless which give a perfect performance. With the proper braking performance, it is just a little overpriced.
  • The fuel efficiency- The fuel efficiency is of most importance, this bike is also backed by eco-technology which helps in increasing the efficiency. It gives a good mileage and can be driven at a decent speed.


This premium bike launched by Honda is best for everyday commuters and is better than the previous bikes by the same company. It is stylish, fuel-efficient; the only drawback with this bike is its price as it is quite disappointing; there are quite a lot of other bikes with the same features that are priced lower than this bike. Honda Livo is reliable, irrespective of the price and if you are fond of bikes and are in search of a new bike then this bike with a stylish look is just perfect.