HB6WBC-CW-1While this may seem like a backwards idea, there are home improvements that can be made which can save a lot of money in the long term. Making a few basic improvements will allow you to save enough money to make aesthetic changes to your home in the future. Due to our current economic climate there is no better time to save money and following a few simple steps, your next energy bill could be significantly reduced.

One of the easiest ways to make your home energy efficient and consequently save you money is by investing in insulation. There are a few different types of insulation that can be applied to different areas throughout the home. Attic and wall insulation are among the most popular forms, providing heat protection and reducing the amount of heat that is lost.

There are a few different types of insulation, including glass mineral wood, which is arguably the most used. The glass mineral wool is produced from recycled glass bottles, making it eco friendly. Water pipes are also commonly insulated, conserving hot water. Insulating your home is guaranteed to save you money, especially in the winter and with the reasonable initial price, there doesn’t seem to be a better investment for your home.

LED light bulbs are also a great way to save money and will turn out to be a great investment. Despite the initial cost price, a lot of homeowners are seeing the benefits of the bulbs, with their enhanced performance and brightness coupled with their extremely low running costs more and more people are understanding the advantages of making the change. A huge fraction of energy bills are dedicated to lighting and with the low costs, it is likely you will earn your money back relatively quickly and in the long term they will turn out to be one of the best ventures you could make. They have been named the best light bulbs on the market, beating compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, making them a very popular option.

For those who have made relevant changes to the home in order to save money, you may feel there aren’t any other options you can take. However, the government has introduced a new scheme called the green deal, which helps homeowners and businesses save money on making changes to ‘greener’ energy methods. The green deal provides funding to those who need it, in order to invest in green energy methods such as solar panelling.

Solar panels do have a large initial cost however the green deal provides a short term and long term saving as homeowners don’t have to pay back more than the saving of an average household. An assessor can offer advice on the best energy saving methods for the home and will give the estimated saving. A fitter will come to the home and fit any changes that have been agreed and the money will go through your energy provider making it a convenient and great way to save money.