Many apartments nowadays, particularly in large cities do not have distinct rooms, meaning that they are open concept. This is not to say that there are none with small rooms too. Despite whether your apartment is open concept or sectioned, there are some ways in which you can make use of your space and even make it look bigger. Remember, size doesn’t matter, what matters is having things look chic and reflective of your personal style.

Making The Most Of Your Living Space

In the Kitsch

The nice thing is that there are so many styles that are current, everything from retro, to kitschy, to cool and modern. This will allow you to choose color schemes and décor that make you happy in your space–and that is what’s really important.

When you are hoping to make your kitchen a better space consider some of the following.

  • Clear countertops will make your space look larger, not to mention more organized.
  • Walls are your friends for functional décor. This means that items like magnetic strips to hold knives, spice jars and other small items will be very useful. The bonus is they look great too.
  • Don’t super-size your appliances. Pick appliances that suit the size of your space to maintain a balanced look.
  • Super deep cupboards are great for storage, but they can consume a lot of kitchen space.
  • If your home is open concept the addition of a moveable butcher block style island can be a great defining point.
  • Open style or glass cupboard doors look great and also make the space seem bigger.

In the Living and Dining Room

  • Again, choose items that fit your room size, not overpower it.
  • Keep the white or neutral wall color and add color through your furniture, embellishments and décor.
  • Arrange your furniture in a way that is open and allows for a good amount of usable floor space. The more floor exposed, the larger the rooms will appear.
  • Buy furniture pieces that double as storage. This will provide an easy and accessible spot for magazines, blankets, and other items that could otherwise easily become clutter. Clutter is counterproductive if you are hoping to make a room feel larger.
Making The Most Of Your Living Space

What about when People Come Over

Having people over for dinner parties is a good chunk of the fun that comes with having your own place. When friends or family come over there are two options. Limit the number of guests to what you can comfortably accommodate at your dining table, or have a more informal meal where people can mingle and move about. An added bonus for those with an open concept home is that you are always close to the action.

Wall Décor

What you put on your walls is just as important as your furniture and paint choices. Mirrors are a great option for adding some depth to small spaces and can be found framed or unframed. There are so many mirror options, you will definitely find one to suit your decorative preferences. Custom wood prints are also a very chic and fashionable option. You can have wall art that is unlike any other piece.

What you do with a small space will definitely effect how big it feels, and how happy you are in it. The above suggestions will help you plan out how to maximize your small space and love it. A small space does not limit your social life either. Have people over and enjoy their company, or host a themed dinner party, your guests will be certain to love your redesigned space as well.