The use of monitoring software and applications has become very common in the business sector. The employers across the world take the support of these technologies to track and boost their workers’ efficiency. 

These monitoring solutions are aimed to supervise employees’ digital behavior during the duty hours and to prevent them from unproductive activities. 

In this article, we have reviewed the most advanced and highly used computer monitoring software TheOneSpy. Read on to know how it works and why it is beneficial for business organizations. 

Role of Monitoring Software in Business Sector

Entrepreneurs worldwide are concerned about the productivity of their employees because it influences the company’s profit. If your staff is not giving its best, you cannot achieve your goals. 

To prevent workers from wasting their duty hours, the employers and business managers have started using software for employee monitoring. 

The software lets employer know what employees do during the working hours. Moreover, it allows supervising online and offline actions of workers to prevent them from unnecessary actions. 

Best Monitoring Solution for Mac and Windows

You can supervise all Windows and Mac computers of your organization by using the high-tech tracking software of TOS. It allows monitoring and controlling Dell, HP, LG, Acer, Samsung, MacBook, Mac Mini, and several other popular desktop and laptop computers. 

However, your device must fulfill the compatibility criteria of the software because it supports specific operating system versions of Mac and Windows.

Features of the Computer Tracking Solution

The employee monitoring software comes with several high-tech features enabling the employer to watch out actions performed inside the workplace during the working hours. Read on to know about the core features of the software.

Screen Recorder

The computer tracking software is potential enough to capture every action performed on the targeted digital device. You can capture all online and offline activities of your workforce with the help of the secret screen recorder. 

It makes a short video of whatever appears on the computer screen and uploads the video to the web portal of the spy solution. It can also take screenshots to let the employer keep an eye on the progress of workers.

GPS Location Tracker

The company-owned computer devices can be protected from loss or theft with the help of a location tracking feature. 

It lets you know where your monitored device is at the moment and where it was situated before. It helps to protect expensive laptops from theft.

Surround Recorder

The surveillance program lets you monitor and record activities performed in the surrounding of the company-owned computer devices. 

It lets you take photos and make short videos by remote controlling cameras and microphones of tracked computers.  

Web Filtering

The software helps to boost the productivity of workers by restricting them from visiting unproductive and unwanted websites. You can block multiple websites by filtering a specific category or keyword.   


The computer monitoring software of TheOneSpy can be considered as the best choice for the business sector because it allows tracking almost all digital activities performed by workers during the duty hours.