It’s a no-brainer – digital marketing is the need of the hour, for every business. Thus, the demand for professionals delivering exceptional services in strategic digital marketing is ever increasing!

For the professionals who provide services for digital marketing, dealing with all the projects at the same time can be a bit intimidating.

If you’re still using the e-mail method for project management, you know well how things can get cluttered and create a lot of confusion. The lengthy e-mail threads, duplicate copies of the same document, lost e-mails, ignored e-mails, lost documents, lots of e-mail traffic, and what not!

Things can really play with your patience and your management skills can just drain down.

Project management for digital marketing must be smooth, secure, and very organized. If any of these features are absent from your project management patterns, you might end up creating a huge mess and it can take a toll on your business.

So, lagging behind in adopting the state-of-the-art project management methods is not an option.

What are these methods, you ask?

A number of platforms have been introduced for the cloud management of your digital marketing projects on the web. And one such highly interactive platforms is Basecamp. Let’s see how this works and helps businesses.

Basecamp for Digital Marketing Project Management

First off, let’s start with the ability of Basecamp to turn your project management into a piece of cake. The platform is designed in a way so that the both the parties – the professionals and the clients can easily keep a track of things and ensure a smooth communication.

So, no cluttered e-mails, no duplicate content files, and no complicated submissions!Keep everything intact in one place and ensure a smooth workflow of your digital marketing projects.

Here is how Basecamp helps you manage your projects successfully through its brilliant features or modules:

  1. Easy To Keep Track Of Different Projects Differently

Have loads of projects to manage? You can manage them all under one roof – that is – from just one account. You can add as many projects in your Basecamp account and can keep a clear track of all of them.

The highly interactive project dashboard offered by Basecamp, allows you to keep all your projects in one place and operate and manage them with a great ease. As soon as you log into your Basecamp account, you can see all your projects lined on the home screen. Thus, there can never be a confusion of mixing up the work of different projects with each other and remembering the client details as they can easily be added in the project itself.

  1. Adding Team Members and Project Admins

When it comes to digital marketing, different people in your team are specialized in different areas. Some might be good in SEO optimization, some in ORM, some in content writing, some in PPC, and more. So, according to the need of a project, you need to assign each project to different team members.

Basecamp allows you to add the specialized and designated team members to each project by adding only those people to the project. Thus, the group activities and updates can only be seen by those who are actually involved in the project.

In the same way, you can assign the project to a project admin. So, things can be supervised easily.

  1. To-Do Lists

The work for different projects can be easily assigned to the concerned team member through easy-to-create to-do lists. These to-do lists can hold messages in the form of texts and can help the team members submit their work in the form of attached documents.

The great thing about the to-dos is that you just need to create one to-do for one work and it creates a thread of the commentsmade on it. The to-dos have an interactive drop down menu that contains the names of the team members added in the project.

Through this menu, you can assign the to-do to the person to which the work has been assigned. After the work is submitted on the assigned to-do thread, the team member can assign the to-do back to the admin so that they cango through the work and approve it.

  1. Discussions

It is quite easy for different teams to hold discussions on Basecamp. As for your digital marketing team, you can hold different discussions by creating different discussion threads for, say the content marketing team, the SEO team, etc.

This way, you can keep everyone informed about the latest project guidelines, advanced techniques to be used, client’s feedback, client’s requirements, and more, and keep a track record of it.

You can also see who commented on the discussion threads and their suggestions and queries can easily be brought to notice.

The discussion threads appear on the home page of the specific project.

  1. Creating Documents Within The Projects

Basecamp allows you to create text documents within the project itself. This is a boon for the content writers of your digital marketing team. To avoid the hassle of keeping separate documents in different folders in their computer systems, they can directly write on the Basecamp documents.

This way, the documents stay on the cloud, within the prescribed project. So, the content writers don’t have to fear the document mix-up or loss of documents. Plus, the admins, other team members, and the clients can have a direct access to the documents.

In the same way, the other specialists from your digital marketing team can keep track of their work in the built-in documents at Basecamp.

  1. Project Calendars

Deadlines, schedules, milestones – these words might dread the project managers as there is a lot to keep track of. Especially when you’re engaged in digital marketing, everything needs to be done in the right manner, at the scheduled time, and within the prescribed deadlines as marketing is about the right shot at the right time!

If you miss a deadline, you might disappoint your clients as they might miss an important event when they could do some aggressive marketing through you.

To save yourself from the embarrassment, you can keep a clear track of the due dates of the projects assigned to the team members. This can be done by assigning the to-do lists for the specific due date. Also, the project calendars allow you to see all the activities happening around on basecamp in a day, a week, or a month.

So, you can see what has been finished, what is still pending, and what is due in the future. And there is no need to maintain a separate sheet for that.

With the Basecamp calendars, you don’t miss a deadline and can keep your clients happy!

To Sum It Up

Basecamp is a highly interactive tool for the efficient management of your digital marketing projects. So, if you’re in digital marketing business, give this smart tool a go! The services at Basecamp can be availed through their different premium packs available for different pricing.

Therefore, with Basecamp, you can keep project management hassle-free and focus on only delivering the high-quality work.

Author Bio:

SoumyajitChakraborty is the CEO at SoftProdigy. With his competent skills, he has been excelling in the IT sector for more than a decade now. He is a focused and goal-driven person who loves to share his expertise through blogging.