Invasion of pests in the house are not a new phenomenon and all the year round, you must have witnessed pests and rodents in your home or garden. But, in summers, you will come across the pests more and as a consequence you need preventive measures to protect your home. The four very common summer pests are ants, roaches, flies and fleas.

Here, we will tell you how you can get rid of them and prevent their invasion further.


If you accidently drop food particles on the floor, or leave half eaten food on the table or store fruits in fruit baskets and leave it open, ants start pouring in. The best thing you can do is ensure that no food is left in the open, not even your pet’s food. Store fruits in the refrigerator and keep other food items in sealed containers. If you accidentally drop food crumbs on the floor, clean it immediately. Take the trash out regularly and ensure that there are no holes, plumbing leakages or cracks in the house. If you identify any such thing, seal it immediately. It is better to take help of the professionals, who can conduct a treatment quarterly.


We are pretty sure that we do not like the sight of the brown roaches crawling on the floors. We are sorry to burst the bubble, but roaches eat almost anything and everything and it becomes very difficult to get rid of them, once they start living in your kitchen or bathroom. Roaches reproduce quickly. Therefore, you need to keep your house clean and never ever store newspapers and empty boxes in the attic. These are the most favourable places for the cockroaches. If you are experiencing a roach invasion, without wasting any further time, contact the professionals fast.


Flies are known to spread bacteria. Summers are the ideal time for the flies to enter your home and infect any open food item. Try to discard the trash every single day out of the house and keep the house clean.


Fleas are also a common pest that invades your home generally through your pets. They stick to your pet’s skin and suck their blood.It is also harmful for the humans, leading to itchy skin, allergies and various transmitted diseases. The trick to prevent fleas from entering your home is to keep your pets clean, by regularly giving them a bath. Fleas are known to reproduce quickly and once your pet gets infested by these, it will be a challenging task to completely get rid of them.

These are the four common pests against which you should put up preventive measures. If you are already witnessing these creepy pests in your home, call the professional pest terminators right away and free your home.