Missing teeth can have numerous adverse effects on a person’s life. More than just affecting how they feel about their appearance and lowering their self-esteem, missing teeth can make it difficult to eat and can cause changes in the position of the other teeth in the mouth. Whether you have lost your teeth due to age, an accident, or illness, it’s crucial to meet with an expert dentist who can help you replace your missing teeth and protect the integrity of your mouth. Living with missing teeth indicates some bone loss in the jaw and a gradual wearing down of the other teeth, all which you can avoid with professional help.

Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

The Importance of Single Implants

Dentists create an implant on a small titanium post that is fitted into the sockets of the jaw to replace the missing tooth. This treatment takes a while to complete (often up to 9 months) due to the customisation of the implant and the time it takes for it to integrate into the jawbone fully. An expert dentist will work hard to create an implant that restores all of the function in the mouth while looking natural and decreasing any pain that the patient felt.

After the implant has fully integrated into the jawbone, the dentist will be able to custom-make a crown to fit on top of the implant. This crown will look similar to the other teeth in the mouth; therefore, it will be impossible for others to tell that it is an implant. In addition to looking completely natural, the crown will have all of the benefits of a regular tooth.

Bridge Implants May be Right for You

One of the kinds of dental implants in Nottingham that are available to patients are bridge implants. These are great for many patients because they can attach easily to the jaw and replace many teeth all at once. Once your implants have been fitted and have begun to settle into the tissue of the bone, the bridge can be attached, which is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable. All patients who undergo bridge implants are amazed at their increased confidence in dealing with other people and how much easier they can speak and eat.

Don’t let the appearance of your smile lower your self-esteem or suffer through another meal where you have trouble biting and chewing your food. Working with a reputable dentist to replace your missing teeth with dental implants is the best way to improve your oral health. Always ask the dentist you are considering hiring if you can see before and after pictures of the work that they have done in the office so you can be sure that you will be happy with your outcome.