Just because make-up’s my livelihood and I pretty much can’t imagine a world without make-up, I know that there are some people out there who couldn’t be bothered about going through the entire grueling process of putting on make-up every single day of their lives.

My solution? Play up your features in the easiest way possible. You needn’t go through the entire tedious process of wearing foundation and layers of make-up every day if you don’t want to. Instead, here’s what you can do. Make up tips that will literally take nothing out of you.

Follow a Skin-care Routine Religiously

Nothing like naturally healthy skin that doesn’t need any covering up, am I right? My skin care routine has always been fairly simple and can be easily worked into your daily schedule without it being a bother. Wash your face once a day with a mild cleanser; splash it with cool water all the other times. I don’t recommend excessive use of soap because it dries out the skin. Splash your face with water and moisturize regularly. Spend a good five minutes massaging it into your skin. Exfoliate with a gentle exfoliator at least once a week. The result? Soft, supple skin that doesn’t need covering up.

Tinted Moisturizer

So you have good skin except for the occasional blemish. We all have them. But if you couldn’t be bothered about covering them up with foundation, well don’t bother. Instead opt for tinted moisturizer instead. It has just the slightest hint of color that gives you a sun-kissed look while hydrating your skin.

Hate Make-up? This One’s For You

The Darkest Eyeliner you can find

The darkest eyeliner you can find is your answer to well, everything. Wear it on your lower lashline when heading out for the day. For a night out, wear it on your upper lashline as well. You have instant dramatic eyes in all of 30 seconds. There is no place for hate with make-up that is so non-fussy.


Here’s where most women would curl their lashes before applying coat after coat of mascara. I fall under that category, but I can understand why you’d think it’s something you’d rather not stress about. So don’t stress. An instant way to uplift the eyes is to use mascara. Brush on from the base to the tip for instant curled lashes.

Lip and Cheek Stain

Those who hate having to worry about applying and reapplying lipstick every few hours should consider packing the very versatile lip and cheek stain into their make-up kits instead. These babies can be used as a lipstick and blush, making them a very convenient option for when you’re really not in the mood to do your make-up. We all have these days and it’s quite alright to not go all out with your make-up.

Personally, I think less is more when it comes to make-up unless you’re dressing up for a special occasion or planning a night on the town. And even on those days, I prefer to let my skin breathe with lightweight foundation and probably only glam up my eye make-up. But see, make-up is just one of those things you need to take time to figure out. Decide what works for you and well, make it work for you! Then you probably wouldn’t hate make-up so much after all.

Who am I? I’m Kathleen Case and in my beauty salon i make people pretty. With the help of a fine education provided by MarinelloBeauty Schools I’m able to make the people of the world beautiful one face at a time. I have collected the experiences I have gained perfecting every face I work on and using all that information, I write about beauty in all its forms to help the people I cannot reach with my own hands.